Drew Chaddock headshot

Drew Chaddock

Fillmore, NY

I lived in the Hillside Suites during my two years at JCC, and my experience there was extremely positive. As a senior in high school looking for a college to attend, one of the many deciding factors was where I would be staying on campus. When I first went to visit JCC, the Hillside Suites helped me make my decision very easily. I really liked how I could have my own room and didn't have to share a bathroom with a whole floor of people. The activities that the RAs put on made the Hillside Suites feel more like a dorm at a four-year school. Coming to JCC was one of the best decisions I've made, and the Hillside Suites made my experience even better!

Zayquan Powell headshot

Zayquan Powell

Brooklyn, NY

Living on campus at JCC is a great experience. There are a variety of programs offered in each of the residence halls. We have great movie nights, and activities where residents can win useful prizes. From pool-parties to tailgating, it can be as great as you want it to be. My experience was awesome, and I would assure you that yours will be, too.

Jill Swanson headshot

Jill Swanson

Gowanda, NY

Living in the Hillside Suites was one of the best experiences of my life. I wanted to live on campus to meet new people and gain independence, as well as be with other people my age. I loved the sense of community within the res halls, and the many different opportunities that were offered to us, from volunteering to socializing with people from different backgrounds. Living in the residence halls has opened my eyes to so many different ways of life, and has allowed me to experience the diversity that I never did in high school. While living in the Hillside Suites I was always surrounded by friends, and it truly enhanced my college experience.

Eric Vidal headshot

Eric Vidal

Brooklyn, NY

My experiences at JCC have been nothing short of excellent. Living on campus was really cool, and there was ALWAYS something to do. There is no such thing as being bored--bowling, kickball, laser tag, open basketball court for a few hours on Sundays, movie nights in the Student Union, free tickets to baseball games, and more. (Plus, there is free food at most events!) The staff is amazing and generous. I lived in the South Hall during my first year, and Jake was my Residence Director. I was nervous because I was living so far away from home, but the RA staff is funny, easy to talk to, and comfortable to be around. I hope you enjoy JCC to the fullest as I did.

Desmond White headshot

Desmond White

Olean, NY

Living in the Hillside Suites Residence Halls was awesome. I met people who helped make my experience at JCC better than I even thought possible. The events hosted by Hall Council and the RA Staff were a lot of fun. The RAs and RDs were great too. They were always there when I needed them or just wanted to talk. JCC has helped me change for the better, and I'm glad I decided to come here and live on campus.

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