Meet the Residence Life staff

Jamestown Community College’s Residence Life staff create a warm, positive community in the residence halls. The Residence Life director works with residence directors and student resident assistants to provide a supportive environment and fun programming. You can go to them with any ideas, questions, or concerns.

Director of Hillside Suites

Tyler Silagyi headshot

Tyler Silagyi, Director of Residence Life

My name is Tyler Silagyi, and I am the director of Residence Life. Through this position, I hope to provide our residents with an experience that helps them grow into mature young adults ready to take on their next steps in life.

I firmly believe that the more connected students are, the more successful they will become; it is my hope that through the Residence Life program students make long-lasting and valuable connections with each other, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community. Everyone is capable of success; it’s the choices that each of us make and definition of success that determines whether we have succeeded. Choose to be great at everything you do and you will find continuous success with every new adventure.

Missy Chase headshot Missy Chase, FSA Administrative Assistant

Hillside Suites North

Joachim Ogodi headshot

Joachim Ogodi, Residence Director

Hey there, I’m Joachim Ogodi and I’m the residence director for Hillside Suites North. I was born in Germany to a Nigerian mother and Congolese father. I came to the US when I was seven and have been raised my entire life to value the transformative power of education. I’ve worked in very diverse educational environments from charter schools, to non-profit organizations, to colleges and universities, and I hope to bring all my experiences to this position. I consider music and education to be my primary passions and hope to do my best to expand access to both through my work at Jamestown Community College.

Brandon Blackwell headshot

Brandon Blackwell, Resident Assistant

Hello, my name is Brandon Blackwell, and I am from a small town called West Valley. My first semester at JCC I was a music major but switched to computer science. I became an RA to be more involved in the dorms and to be able to help out students.

My goal after JCC is to get a certificate in IT and get a job working for the state fixing computers. A couple years down the line I want to go back to college to get my bachelor's in computer science.

Kate Michalski headshot

Kate Michalski, Resident Assistant

Hi my name is Kathleen Michalski! I live in Dunkirk, NY along with my parents, two siblings, as well as my dog and cat. My major is early childhood education. I have a strong passion for helping young children and watching them grow and learn new things. Many teachers have influenced me in my life, so I would like to do the same for others as well! Currently I work at my high school pool and local beach as a lifeguard. Having this job has given me the opportunity to learn valuable skills early in life that I am able to take with me years from now. My favorite thing to do is basically anything that keeps me active, I always want to be moving or doing something. In high school I played soccer, cross country, and pole vaulting for indoor track and outdoor track. I was also involved in anything that was related to music like band, choir, select choir, and all of the musicals.

After transferring schools this past spring, JCC has really welcomed me with open arms. I am so excited to be a part of this family!

Ashley Olrogg headshot

Ashley Olrogg, Resident Assistant

Hi! My name is Ashley Olrogg and I am a sophomore here at JCC, majoring in business administration. I am from Dunkirk, NY and have lived there all my life. After graduating from JCC, I plan on attending a four year school to receive my bachelor’s degree in economics, and then possibly pursuing my masters in economics as well.

I decided to become an RA because I enjoy helping people and I hope to make everyone’s home away from home this year as enjoyable as possible!

Hillside Suites West

Xavier Churnac headshot

Xavier Churnac, Residence Director

My name is Xavier Churnac, and I am the residence director of Hillside Suites West. I have always enjoyed being a part of residence life. As an alumnus to JCC, I feel I’m in the perfection position to share my success story, which enables me to do whatever it takes to help our students create their own success here.

Sidney Ploetz headshot

Sidney Ploetz, Resident Assistant

Hey everyone! My name is Sidney Ploetz and I am from West Valley, NY. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to be on the Resident Life team for the 2018-2019 year! I am entering into my sophomore year in the pursuit of a career in the dental field. Throughout my life, I have been actively involved in my church, school, 4-H club, and my small country community. I have passionate love for all sorts of music, art, reading, poetry, nature, and good vibes. My passions lie in saving the earth, living my faith, and helping others.

I wanted to become an RA so I could be here for the students to lend a helping hand, to be able to provide an ear to listen, an arm for guidance, and be someone to share a laugh with on this small portion of their journey through life.

Ethan Sawyer headshot

Ethan Sawyer, Resident Assistant

Hey pals, I’m Ethan Sawyer! I was birthed in Santa Monica, California before moving to Orlando, Florida to live out the majority of my early years. Musical theatre has been my passion for most of my life, until I experienced professional acting and decided that I hated the business. So after taking time away from school to work in a variety of fields, including videography, multimedia journalism, voice acting, and coffee creation, I decided to pursue a degree in advertising. I’ve always had an undying need to talk to and help new people, which led me to becoming a resident assistant here at JCC.

Austin Schlepko headshot

Austin Schlepko, Resident Assistant

My name is Austin Schlepko, and I am a current JCC student. My major is in math and science with a focus in biology. I went to Allegany Limestone High School and I am currently living in Rochester, NY. For the 2018-2019 school year, I am going to become a RA for JCC.

There are many reasons why I have decided to become an RA. One reason is that I believe that this experience will help me grow and develop my skills for future careers. Another reason I am looking forward to this experience is I am excited for the challenge this job will provide. As an RA, there are a few things I would like to accomplish; one of these things will be to form lasting relationships with my fellow coworkers and students. In addition, one of my primary goals is to help first year students transition to dorm life and do my best to have students enjoy their semester at JCC.

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