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Kimberly Snyder
Resident Assistant
Hillside Suites North

Kimberly Snyder Profile

Hi! my name is Kimberly Snyder and I'm originally from Manhattan, New York. I'm currently majoring in business administration at Jamestown Community College. I'm approaching my last year here and I must say it has been a great learning experience. Adapting to JCC was challenging at first because it was such a different environment from where I grew up. Thanks to the JCC staff, including the resident assistants, life on campus became easier day by day. This is the reason I wanted to be an RA. I understand that it can be hard for students to adjust to a new school, especially those who are away from home. Having support from the JCC staff really makes life on campus more comfortable, and I want to lend the helping hand that was given to me.

This year, I look forward to meeting new people, enjoying fun activities, and continuing to succeed. After I graduate in the fall of 2014, I will (hopefully) attend Binghamton University, where I'll work towards a bachelor's degree in accounting. After that, it's on to my master's. To me, life is full of growth and opportunity; it's up to you to follow your dreams. "Success comes in two steps. First from within, and then from out" - words of encouragement.