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Adara Bartlett
Resident Assistant
Hillside Suites North

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My name is Adara Bartlett, and I'm a current sophomore at JCC. I'm majoring in fine arts: studio arts. After JCC, I plan to continue my education and major in photography and art education. In my spare time, I like being outdoors, hanging out with friends, and taking judo classes. When I graduated from high school, I had no idea where I would go to college. My parents were planning to move, which limited my choices. We ended up moving to Corry, a small town in Pennsylvania, which is about five hours from my hometown. However, my father's parents live in Jamestown, and they told me about Jamestown Community College. I went to visit the school on my own, and I thought it was pretty amazing. It just felt right being there. After I was accepted I decided to live in the residence halls, and it's been a great decision.

During my first year, I had been given the wonderful opportunity to become a resident assistant in the North Hall. I want everyone to feel comfortable and have fun throughout the school year at JCC. I love making people feel like they are part of the community. I decided to become an RA to accomplish those goals. Being a member of the res life staff is very rewarding and brings many wonderful opportunities and experiences. This school year I look forward to meeting the incoming freshmen, seeing old friends, making new ones, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.