Jamestown Community College Tobacco Free Enforcement Practices

Jamestown Community College passed a college-wide tobacco free policy effective August 1, 2014. It is up to everyone to help spread awareness and make this policy successful. If you encounter someone using tobacco products on college property, you might find the tips in the following acronym helpful when approaching that person.

S:  "Smile" Introduce yourself.
M: "Make" the assumption that the person doesn't know the policy.
O:  "Offer" resources for tobacco cessation.
K:  "Kindly" remind the person of the tobacco-free policy.
E:  "Enforce" the policy: ask the person to stop using the tobacco on campus.

Making sure the same language is being used with faculty, staff, students, vendors, and visitors about the policy ensures a firm, polite, and compassionate message.   

Videos have been developed by colleges to outline tobacco-free policies for campus members and visitors provide techniques and approaches to presenting information about tobacco-free environments.

What will happen if faculty, staff, or students violate the tobacco-free policy?

Faculty, staff, and students are required to comply with college policies. It is our hope that all who use tobacco would comply with the policy out of respect for others and the environment. In voluntarily complying, faculty, staff, and students help Jamestown Community College be a welcoming community for the thousands of students and visitors we serve each year. By eliminating tobacco use from our property, Jamestown Community College is sending a powerful message about the harm tobacco use causes for people and the environment!

How will the tobacco-free policy be enforced?

Compliance is the shared responsibility of the entire college and relies on the thoughtfulness, consideration, and cooperation of tobacco users and non-users for its success. Jamestown Community College will inform members of the college community about the tobacco-free policy by widely disseminating information about the policy on a regular basis. Policy non-compliance will prompt an initial educational response which will include information regarding the existence of the policy, the rationale for the policy, and the availability of tobacco cessation support services both on and off campus. Faculty, staff, students, and visitors will be treated respectfully in the consistent observance of the policy.

How will our "smoking" visitors be treated regarding the policy?

All who come onto Jamestown Community College property will be informed of the tobacco policy and thanked for their cooperation. Jamestown Community College members will be provided information on how to talk about the policy in positive ways that are respectful of others.

Will the policy be enforced inside personal vehicles on campus?

We discourage smoking inside personal vehicles for reasons of personal health. Evidence suggests a much higher incidence of health problems resulting from prolonged smoking inside confined spaces.

The college tobacco-free policy does not permit the use of tobacco on college property, including inside personal vehicles parked on college property. It will be the vehicle owner's responsibility to leave the college property.

Who is responsible for enforcing the policy and what are the consequences of violating the policy?

Efforts will be made to ensure that faculty, staff, students, and visitors are aware of the policy. Responsibility for complying with the policy rests first and foremost with the individual.

How to Help

What should I do if I see someone using tobacco on campus?

The policy will best be enforced by everyone taking an active role in informing people that a tobacco-free policy is in effect. A large majority of Jamestown Community College students, staff, and faculty support a tobacco-free environment, so it is appropriate for you to speak up.

Members of the college community who see individuals using tobacco on college grounds are asked to inform these individuals politely that college policy prohibits tobacco use anywhere on campus grounds. Faculty and staff who do not feel comfortable approaching someone violating the policy should contact their immediate supervisor or department head. Students should contact the student development office, human resources office, or health center. We expect all members of the JCC community to treat each other with dignity and respect, support each other, and embrace a spirit of having a healthy and respectful living, learning, and working environment.

If you notice an area where people are consistently violating the policy, you can report this to the human resources office at 716.338.1035. 

How should I respond if someone gets angry or aggressive?

Do not continue to speak to anyone who becomes angry or confrontational. Simply walk away.

What should I say to someone I see violating the policy?

If you see someone violating the policy, pre-printed handout cards are available for distribution. The cards offer additional information on the policy and are available in the human resources office or the health center. 

The following are suggested ways you can address someone you see violating the policy. These scripts are intended to help Jamestown Community College community members become more comfortable discussing the tobacco-free environment policy with other staff, students, faculty, and visitors in a respectful and supportive manner.

Key points to remember:

  • Be empathetic. The three to five minutes you spend with a person struggling with their need for tobacco could help their craving dissipate.
  • Use common sense in every situation.
  • Remember that the encounter should be supportive, not punitive.
  • Share information about the college policy in a non-judgmental way.
  • The policy is designed to create a healthier environment for everyone who comes to JCC.
  • Always focus on the behavior/object, not the person. For example, it is the secondhand smoke exposure, not the smoker. It is the litter, not the smoker.
  • No one is telling or expecting an individual to quit tobacco. The college is just asking those who use tobacco to be respectful when using tobacco products by refraining from using tobacco while on college property.
  • Addressing this issue will only be effective if everyone addresses instances of tobacco use on college property.
  • The tobacco-free policy is no more or no less important than any other policy on campus- address it as would any other policy violation.

Try to stick to the suggested script: this will allow for greater consistency and help to reduce escalation of the situation.

Example Script #1:

Situation: You see a person using tobacco products on college property.

Response: "Hello, my name is _______, and I am an (employee, student) here at Jamestown Community College. Are you aware that we are now a tobacco-free campus, meaning that tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes, are prohibited on our grounds? Please respect our policy to not use tobacco products while visiting our campus. We have free resources on campus to help you quit tobacco if you are ready. Visit the website for more information. I appreciate your help in keeping our campus tobacco-free."

Example Script #1b:

"JCC is a tobacco-free environment, we appreciate your support in following this policy." and/ or hand them the same statement which is available on a pre-printed card (cards are available through the human resources office or health center).  Also state, "Please don't forget to use the ash dispensers located around the perimeter of college grounds to ensure all waste is disposed of properly." Direct them to the nearest ash dispenser if necessary. Say ''thank you" and leave.

If the person refuses to discard their tobacco, you may ask for identification according to college policy and report them to the student development office, their supervisor, or the human resources office.  If it is a community member who becomes hostile, walk away and contact the human resources office at 716.338.1035.

Example Script #2:

Question: "Where am I allowed to smoke?"    

Response: "JCC became a tobacco-free campus on August 1, 2014. This is a new policy, meant to promote better health in our students, faculty and staff. If you need to smoke or use tobacco products you will need to leave college property. If you are interested in quitting smoking you can call the NY State Smokers' Quitline.”

 Example Script #3:

For vendors and visitors: "I'd like to let you know in advance that all of JCC’s college property is tobacco-free. Use of tobacco products will not be permitted on any property, grounds, or parking areas. Thank you for respecting our policy."

Who should I talk to about questions or concerns that I have about the Tobacco-Free Policy?

Your opinion and feedback are very important to us and we want to help you understand the policy and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact the human resources office at 716.338.1035 or the health center at 716.338.1013.

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