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JCC utilizes JCC Alert for emergency notification. You can get emergency alerts from JCC via text messages, e-mail, and voice notification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kinds of messages will I receive?
A. You will receive three types of messages: 1) messages sent to test that the system is functioning properly will be clearly identified as test messages. These test messages are sent out approximately twice a year. 2) Actual alerts about campus emergencies, closures, or delayed openings. 3) General communications from the college.

JCC Alert will enable JCC to provide a safer environment, enhance emergency preparedness, and keep our faculty, staff, and students better informed.

Q. How does it work?
A. Messages informing students, faculty, and staff of a campus emergency, closure, or other important communication will be distributed via this system.  

Q. Who receives the messages?
A. Students enrolled for classes at the current time will receive messages, as well as currently employed faculty and staff.

Q. Where will these messages be sent?
A. The program is set up to send messages to your primary e-mail account (full-time faculty and staff, students, and others who have a JCC e-mail). For all others, it will be sent to the e-mail account you have provided to the college as your primary e-mail account. You may add other contact preferences, home phone, cell phone, or other e-mail address by signing on the JCC Alert.

Q. How do I check and edit my information for JCC Alert? 
A. You may sign in, and then enter your log in information as provided by the college and click on the "login" button. If you forgot your password, please contact the JCC Helpdesk at

If you have difficulties, please direct your concerns to with a description of your concern.

Q. When I update my contact information can I delete my campus provided email address?
A. No. The primary identifier for your account identification is based on your college provided e-mail address and it needs to remain in the system. If you were not provided a college e-mail address, you will be sent messages to the e-mail that you provided to the college. If you wish to change the primary e-mail that you provided to the college, please contact the human resources office.

Q. What will I need to know to login to the JCC Alert Notification System?
A. You will need to know your User ID and password. If you need assistance, please submit a helpdesk request.

Q. Can I update my record with information so that I can receive text messages on my cell phone?
A. Absolutely! We hope that you do, but we wanted the decision to receive text alerts to be yours. Keep in mind that standard messaging rates may apply and you will be responsible for those fees. Also, the college cannot be responsible for text messages that cannot be delivered due to extenuating circumstances.

Q. If I am new to the college, do I need to create an account for myself?
A. No, an account will be created for you.

Q. If I update my account at this time, do I need to do it again?
A. No. After you create your initial communications profile, you only need to access the system if you wish to make changes.

Q. Does my information get shared for any other purpose?
A. The contact information provided to JCC will only be used for campus emergency notifications and other general communications from the college and will not be made available to any other service.

JCC Alert is a voluntary OPT-OUT service. You are automatically enrolled in JCC Alert unless you go into the program and choose to OPT-OUT.

Q. Is JCC Alert the only communication system that JCC will be using for weather emergencies, closings, or delay openings?
A.  No. JCC will be using other means of communication. Message will appear on the JCC website, JCC Facebook page, as well as the following media outlets.


  • WJTN/SE-93/WKSN/WHUG (Media One Group stations) – Jamestown
  • Kiss FM - Jamestown
  • WDOE/KIX – Dunkirk
  • WMXO – Olean
  • WPIG/WHDL – Olean
  • WRRN/WNAE – Warren


  • WKBW 7 – Buffalo
  • WIVB 4/23 - Buffalo
  • WGRZ 2 – Buffalo
  • WICU 12 – Erie
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