Disruptive Student Behaviors

Disruptive behaviors are those behaviors that interfere with or interrupt the educational process of other students or the regular business functioning of the college.

  • Behaviorally disruptive, unusual, and/or bizarre behavior
  • Destructive behavior that is harmful to others
  • Possible substance abuse
  • Showing a complete lack of social norms

What can you do?

  • Establish clear behavioral guidelines in your syllabus.
  • Be familiar with the Student Code of Conduct at JCC.
  • Listen carefully to the student without interrupting as it often helps for a person to think about what they are saying with less pressure.
  • Speak to the student calmly and quietly and privately if possible and communicate your concern.
  • You may also discuss typical issues of disruptive classroom behaviors with your assistant dean.
  • If you perceive there is an imminent threat to others, call 911.

If the student seems amenable to talking, walk them over to the Counseling and Career Center where every effort will be made to see them. If they indicate they would be willing to talk to someone, but cannot do so now, then give them a counseling services brochure or card which you can obtain by requesting copies from the Counseling and Career Center on the Cattaraugus County Campus 716.376.7508, Jamestown Campus 716.338.1007, or North County Extension Center at 716.338.6527 or 6528.

What should you not do?

  • Do not ignore behavior that seems disturbed.
  • Do not say anything to embarrass the student.
  • Do not take anything said personally. People say things they do not necessarily mean when they are angry.
  • Do not challenge what the student is saying. Clarifying and correcting may escalate behavior.  Chose another time to do so when the student is more calm.
  • Do not stand too close to a student as this can be perceived as challenging.

To make a referral to the BIT please use this form.

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