JCC’s emergency notification system

Jamestown Community College uses JCC Alert for our campus-wide emergency notification system. You can get emergency alerts from JCC by text message, email, and voicemail.

You are automatically enrolled in JCC Alert when you attend JCC. Use your campus user ID and password to log in to JCC Alert. You can edit your settings to choose how and where emergency messages will be delivered.


Messages will be one of three types:

  • Test messages to ensure that the system is functioning properly
  • Actual alerts about campus emergencies, closures, or delayed openings
  • General communications from the college related to emergency preparedness

The contact information that you provide will only be used for campus emergency notifications and other general communications from the college. Your information will not be made available to any other service.


In the event of an emergency, we will use the following sources in addition to JCC Alert to notify the public:

Depending on the emergency, we may also use the following:

  • Radio stations: WJTN/SE-93/WKSN/WHUG (Media One Group stations, Jamestown), Kiss FM (Jamestown), WDOE/KIX (Dunkirk), WMXO (Olean), WPIG/WHDL (Olean), WRRN/WNAE (Warren)
  • Television stations: WKBW 7 (Buffalo), WIVB 4/23 (Buffalo), WGRZ 2 (Buffalo), WICU 12 (Erie)
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JCC Alert

Use your campus user ID and password to sign in.

Contact Campus Safety

Jamestown Campus
(Hamilton Collegiate Center)

716.338.1015 or 716.490.0115 (cell)