Allene Spearbeck, Student Trustee


Allene Spearbeck, Student Trustee

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Hello! I’m Allene. I’m a non-traditional student from Westfield, New York majoring in human services. My career goal is to be a counselor for veterans with PTSD. On campus, I'm a peer mentor, I serve on the college’s Planning Advisory Council as a student representative, and I work in the counseling center on the Jamestown Campus. At home, I love camping, reading, music, walking, and bicycling.

This year I was also elected as the student trustee for Jamestown Community College, and I am honored to be in this position. JCC has captured the need in me to give to others, to relate to others, and to live, love, and laugh with others. Being a trustee enables me to express all of the students’ understandings, misgivings, and successes while also emphasizing how this college supports connection and opportunity. I hope to successfully bring forth the student voice from all campuses and sites during my term on the Board of Trustees.