Student government at JCC

If you’re interested in representing your fellow students and learning about the politics of Campus Life, join Student Senate.

Student Senate is the officially recognized student governing body of Jamestown Community College. Student Senate represents the student body and the community, and has a direct voice in all student affairs and many college activities.

Student Senate operates on budgets allocated by the Faculty Student Association. Senate charters clubs and organizations and allocates funds. Senate also serves as an advisory board to the president of JCC, bringing attention to student concerns and making recommendations so that we continue to meet our commitment to students.

Student leaders

Jamestown Campus and North County Center

Preston Ross headshot

Preston Ross

President; FSA Activities Board

Hello, I'm Preston, and I'm from Dallas, Texas. I'm studying political science, and my plans after graduating from JCC are to attend Georgetown University and become a federal judge. I want to engage the disengaged here at JCC and leave a legacy of change by voicing the needs of the student body. Do not be afraid to reach for goals you now feel are unobtainable!

Courtney Aldrich headshot

Courtney Aldrich

Vice President; Student Senate Appeals Committee

Hi, I'm Courtney, and I'm from Daytona Beach, Florida. I'm studying global studies at JCC, and I plan to transfer to the American University of Cairo to complete a Ph.D. in egyptology. I'm in Student Senate to advocate for our students, and I love the cultural diversity of the student body. I encourage you to force yourself out of your comfort zone!

Emily Brown headshot

Emily Brown

Secretary; Student Appeals Committee

Hi, I'm Emily. I'm from Falconer, New York, and I'm studying math and science at JCC. I want to go to the University at Buffalo or join the Navy after I graduate, and I hope to become a neonatologist. I love how intimate JCC is, especially with the small teacher to student ratio. In Senate, you have an impact and make a difference. As we go through this year, remember that you're constantly changing, so push through whatever you're going through right now, because you're headed for something greater than you could ever imagine.


Reasha Davis


Hello, I'm Reasha from Brooklyn, New York. I'm studying business administration at JCC, and I want to further my studies at SUNY Fredonia and be a successful business owner. I love the college experience, and Senate gives me an opportunity to bring forth more diversity on campus and give students an opportunity to voice their opinions. Do your best at all times and never give up, especially on God. Always keep the faith because He'll never leave you alone.

Savannah Ayres

Savannah Ayres

Student Affairs Committee

Hi, I'm Savannah from Jamestown, New York. I'm studying individual studies at JCC with plans to go into occupational therapy and minor in Spanish. I want to better help and be a voice for the student body during my time in Senate. Conquer your dreams!


Crystal Forbes

FSA Activities Board

Hi, I'm Crystal from Cassadaga, New York. I'm studying human services so that I can be a correctional counselor and work with inmates to help them maintain mental health while incarcerated. I'm excited to see what JCC can offer and how I will grow as a first time student in college. Don't let high school follow you when you are trying to better yourself.

Skyler Gore headshot

Skyler Gore

Student Trustee; FSA Activities Board; Student Affairs Committee

Hi, I'm Skyler, and I'm from Whiteville, North Carolina. I'm studying environmental science, and I want to attend post-graduate school so that I can go into conservation biology and focus on the polar sciences. JCC is truly a gem. Nowhere else can you find such incredible, passionate faculty and staff and engaging programs. I seek to follow my passions in advocacy and represent my fellow students to the best of my ability. My advice this year: take care of yourself!

Ebe Imobhio headshot

Ebehitale Imobhio

Health/Safety/Accessibility Chair

Hello, I'm Ebe, and I'm from Jamaica, New York. I'm studying biology and plan to transfer to Binghamton University so that I can become a neurosurgeon. JCC is very inclusive of everyone, and I wanted to be part of a school organization that brought people together and made school more exciting. There is always someone willing to help or listen, you just have to be on the lookout for that person.


Kalimah Jefferson

Programming Chair; Student Appeals Committee

Hi, I'm Kalimah from Lower East Side, New York. I'm studying business administration, and I want to be a management consultant. I joined Senate to be a voice of diversity in student government. Don't give up, especially when things aren't working out. Perseverance leads to progress.

Alan Jones headshot

Alan Jones

Grant Chair

Hello, I'm Alan from Cassadaga, New York. I'm studying biotechnology at JCC, and plan to transfer to Buffalo State or SUNY Fredonia to go into forensic science. I joined Senate because I love to volunteer and get involved. You need to get involved to make a difference in life. Be yourself and don't be afraid to talk to new people!

Shanece Jones headshot

Shanece Jones

Service Chair

Hello, I'm Shanece from South Dayton, New York. I'm studying media arts at JCC. I'm excited to meet new people and make a difference at JCC. My advice for this yer: don't be afraid to speak up!

Heidi Lauer

Heidi Lauer

Fundraising Chair

Hello, I'm Heidi, and I'm from Jamestown, New York. I'm studying early childhood education, and I plan to go to SUNY Fredonia and become an elementary school teacher. I'm looking forward to all of JCC's opportunities, and my advice to everyone this year is to persevere!

Hannah Lorenc headshot

Hannah Lorenc

Diversity Chair; Student Appeals Committee

Hi, I'm Hannah from Jamestown, New York. I am studying political science so that I can be a human rights organizer. I joined Senate because I wanted to help create a community at JCC that can engage students from all walks of life. Don't be afraid to try! Whether in classes or in events, don't be afraid to put yourself out there and participate fully.

Brayton Lydell headshot

Brayton Lydell

Marketing Chair

Hi, I'm Brayton, and I'm from Jamestown, New York. I'm majoring in media arts with my goal of being a screenwriter, and after JCC I want to join the Disney College Program and transfer to Buffalo State or SUNY Purchase. I joined Senate because I believe it's important to be involved on campus. My advice for you is to plan ahead, but don't close yourself off to new opportunities!


Breanna Nelson

FSA Activities Board

Hi, I'm Breanna from Busti, New York. I'm studying communications so that I can work in the media. I love the people and atmosphere of JCC, and I joined Senate to to be able to help out and help everyone's opinions be heard. Remember to always make time to study, it matters!

Paige Sirwatka headshot

Paige Sirwatka

FSA Executive Board

Hello, I'm Paige from Jamestown, New York. I'm studying communications and global studies at JCC so that I can be a ESL teacher. I joined Senate to be able to listen, connect, and engage with students. My advice for you is to keep going! It gets better from here!

Mitchel Smigel headshot

Mitchel Smigel

Student Affairs Committee

Hi, I'm Mitchel from Jamestown, New York. I'm studying global studies, and my goal is to be elected to public office. I love JCC's diverse community and atmosphere, and I joined Senate to be as involved as possible in student life and activities here at JCC. Take full advantage of the numerous activities constantly happening on campus!


Connor Storms

Legislative Affairs Chair

Hello, I'm Connor from Jamestown, New York. I'm studying humanities, and I want to see different parts of the world. I've always thought of ways to impact my surroundings in a positive way, and Senate was a perfect way to do that. My advice for the year: stay hydrated! (Seriously.)


Fabrianna Wright

Student Advocacy Chair

Hi, I'm Fabrianna from Jamestown, New York. I am studying criminal justice, and I want to change a huge part of the government. I love getting involved. Remember to always do your best and never think you can't!

John Seekings headshot

John Seekings

North County Representative

Hi, I'm John from Dunkirk, New York. I am studying accounting so that I can go into business management. The diverse culture of JCC gives us a chance as leaders to help students become the leaders of tomorrow. I joined Senate to be the voice of the voiceless and a student leader focusing on fairness for everyone. Find the leader in you so you can find the treasures in fellow students who undermine their own values.

Kristen Stuck headshot

Kristen Stuck

North County Representative

Hi, I'm Kristen from Dunkirk, New York. I'm studying nursing at JCC so that I can become a surgical nurse. I joined the Senate because I want to be the voice for the students who don't speak up for themselves. Don't give up - reach for the stars!

Cattaraugus County Campus


Penny Frank

Hi, I'm Penny! I'm a human services major, and I love to get involved with the JCC community.


Jacob Hamed


Brittany Jones

Hello, I am Brittany, and I'm from New Hampshire and here in New York. I am an individual studies major with concentration in nursing. I hope to soon get my RN, and my plans after graduating from JCC are to work in a hospital and possibly eventually become a nurse without borders. I want to engage the students here at JCC and leave a memory of change by voicing the needs of the student body so everyone is heard. Do not be afraid to reach out if you have a problem or concern.


Byrsen Mullin


Brian Strawser


Taryne Tracey

Hi, I'm a freshman at Jamestown Community College. I am a math and science major studying biology, a tutor, and a member of the Student Senate. After I graduate, I plan to continue my studies and transfer to a four year college.

Get involved

Be a senator

The Student Senate is elected through general student elections following petition on the Jamestown Campus, and by petition on the Cattaraugus Campus. Student Senate meets regularly throughout the entire school year.

Campus Petition Contact
Jamestown Campus and North County Center Candidate petition form (Jamestown)
Candidate petition form (North County)
Kayla Crosby
Cattaraugus County Campus   Lisa Yohon
Be a student trustee

The student trustee is one of 15 voting members on the Jamestown Community College Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is charged with upholding the mission of the college. The student trustee's primary responsibility is to act in the interest of the college by being especially mindful of student interests and to share those interests with the board.

The student trustee is expected to attend monthly Board of Trustees meetings, may be appointed to sub-committees formed by the board, and regularly gives a brief oral report to the board on issues related to Student Senate, student life, and campus events. Additionally, the student trustee is a non-voting member of the Student Senate and is expected to attend weekly Student Senate meetings during activity hour on Mondays.

Elections and eligibility

The student trustee is elected each spring during a general election held at all sites, and full-time students shall be allowed to serve a maximum of two academic years. Students eligible to run for student trustee must:

  • be a full-time student at Jamestown Community College,
  • be in good academic standing with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 as of the most recent semester, and
  • have completed 24 credit hours (sophomore status) at time of induction (June).
Semester meetings

Senate meetings for the spring 2017 semester are held on Fridays, noon - 2 p.m. in the Lenna Theatre (HULT 267 on Feb 24 and Mar 3).

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Contact Student Senate

Jamestown Campus
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Cattaraugus County Campus
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