Women's Basketball

Spring 2014 Coaches' Awards

Congratulations to Taylor Storer (left), recipient of Most Valuable Player Award, and Brook Draggett (right), recipient of the Jayhawk Award.

two student athletes and coach

2013-2014 Schedule
November 2-3 Corning Classic Corning CC    
  vs. Tompkins-Cortland CC away W, 82-51 Recap
  vs. Corning CC away W, 66-45 Recap
November 6 Pitt-Titusville home W, 70-67 Recap
November 9 CC of Allegheny County away W, 71-56 Recap
November 13 Butler CCC home W, 91-45 Recap
November 15 Columbus State Tournament/Edison Tech away L, 62-84 Recap
November 16 Columbus State Tournament/Mott CC away L, 71-81 Recap
November 20 CC of Allegheny County home W, 67-45 Recap
November 22 Roxbury CC away L, 76-85 Recap
November 24 Bunker Hill CC away W, 77-47 Recap
December 4 Pitt-Titusville away W, 76-43 Recap
December 6-7 Tom D'Angelo Memorial Tournament home    
  vs. Lorain CCC home W, 78-55 Recap
  vs. Westmoreland CCC home W, 76-55 Recap
December 12 Butler CCC away W, 76-38 Recap
December 17 Lakeland CC home W, 76-52 Recap
January 14 Erie CC home W, 82-49 Recap
January 16 Monroe CC away L, 48-101 Recap
January 18 Lorain CCC away W, 84-54 Recap
January 23 Mercyhurst College-North East away W, 61-42 Recap
January 28 Niagara CCC home W, 85-73 Recap
January 30 Monroe CC home L, 52-83 Recap
February 1 Genesee CC away W, 46-45 Recap
February 8 Erie CC away L, 51-69 Recap
February 13 Genesee CC home W, 78-46 Recap
February 20 Niagara CCC away L, 60-63 Recap
February 22 Mercyhurst College-North East home L, 68-78 Recap
March 1-2 Regionals Niagara CCC    
  vs. Erie CC   W, 65-52 Recap
  vs. Mercyhurst College-North East   L, 59-66 Recap

Home games are played in the Physical Education Center, which is accessed from Curtis St, Jamestown, NY.

Download the team roster (.pdf)

Winter Wrap Up

Congratulations to Elle Reed and Taylor Storer, members of the All-Region 1st team, and Akiah Luceus, member of the All-Region 3rd team! Taylor is also on the All-Tournament team.

Elle Reed and Taylor Storer with All-Region 1st team
Pictured, left to right: Aaliyah Dunbar (ECC), Kristine Ripson (NCCC), Jaclyn Welch (NCCC), Elle Reed (JCC), Taylor Storer (JCC)

Akiah Luceus with the All-Region 3rd team
Pictured, left to right: Jazzae Verse (ECC), Kashawanna Sampson (MNE), Albanellys Perez (NCCC), Akiah Luceus (JCC)
Breana Gleaton (GCC) (not pictured)

Head Coach: 
Assistant Coach: