Winter 2014-2015

women's basketball 2014W-2015S team photo

Elle Reed and coaches

Elle Reed places All-American!

Basketball star Elle Reed has been selected to the NJCAA Div. II All-American Third Team! Elle (Sherman High School) is JCC's first women's basketball player to become an All-American in school history. Congratulations, Elle!

See the full team on the NJCAA website.


2014-2015 Schedule
October 25 Scrimmage vs. University of Pittsburgh at Bradford home    
November 1 Crossover Classic vs. Corning CC home W, 84-59 Recap
November 2 Crossover Classic vs. Tompkins Cortland CC home W, 78-41 Recap
November 5 University of Pittsburgh at Titusville home W, 63-29 Recap
November 12 Butler CCC home W, 72-26 Recap
November 14 Columbus State Tournament vs. Edison CC away W, 80-59 Recap
November 15 Columbus State Tournament vs. Oakland CC away W, 78-77 Recap
December 3 University of Pittsburgh at Titusville away W, 63-29 Recap
December 5 Tom D'Angelo Memorial Tournament vs. Lorain CCC home W, 79-51 Recap
December 6 Tom D'Angelo Memorial Tournament vs. Westmoreland CCC home W, 81-57 Recap
December 10 Butler CCC away W, 91-32 Recap
December 13 Monroe CC Tournament away L, 68-71 Recap
December 14 Monroe CC Tournament away L, 63-72  
December 16 Lakeland CC away W, 74-64 Recap
December 19 Niagara College, Canada Tournament vs. Seneca College away W, 74-61  
December 20 Niagara College, Canada Tournament vs. Niagara College away W, 71-64  
January 6 Lorain CCC away W, 86-45  
January 11 Niagara College home W, 73-58  
January 13 Erie CC home W, 73-45  
January 18 Bunker Hill CC home W, 88-72  
January 22 Mercyhurst University-NE away L, 49-58  
January 27 Niagara CCC away W, 79-69  
January 29 Monroe CC home L, 63-73  
January 31 Genesee CC away W, 79-57  
February 7 Erie CC away 1 p.m. W, 59-37
February 12 Genesee CC home W, 82-58  
February 14 Monroe CC away L, 43-88  
February 19 Niagara CCC home W, 85-76  
February 21 Mercyhurst University-NE home W, 60-52  
February 28-March 1 Regionals Monroe CC L, 52-57  


Home games are played in the Physical Education Center, which is accessed from Curtis St, Jamestown, NY.

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