Total Fitness prices


Membership Type Yearly Rate Six Month Rate Single Month Rate
Community adult (18 and over) $365 $260 $45
Senior citizen (60 and over) $195 $140 $26
Community family (include spouse and children under 21) $500 $360 $65
Alumni - individual $270 N/A N/A
Alumni - family $420 N/A N/A

Students may not purchase a family membership and put their parents and siblings down as family members.

Auto-withdrawal payments

We also offer auto-withdrawal from checking or savings accounts for yearly memberships. A one-time $20 service fee will be charged on auto-withdrawal payments.

Membership Type Withdrawal Per Month
Community adult $30.42
Senior citizen $16.25
Community family $41.67
Alumni - individual $22.50
Alumni - family $35


Insurance discounts

American Specialties Health Active & Fit: 10% discount on community adult membership

Fidelis: members submit to insurance company proof of 50 visits in 6 months for reimbursement

Independent Health

  • Healthy Benefits: $20 charge for members
  • Medicare Advantage: $250 for individual membership

Optum: $0 charge for members

Prime: $0 charge for members

Silver Sneakers: $0 charge for members


  • Silver & Fit: $25 charge for members
  • Discount program: 10% discount for six month or one year community adult membership
  • Debit card can be used for any membership
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