Student Services and Resources

Student services at JCC

  • Peer Tutoring: Peer tutors offer assistance with writing, math, study skills, and a variety of disciplines, including physical and social sciences; business and accounting; and liberal arts courses. Check for tutor availability for a specific course by stopping by the Learning Center or calling us at 716.338.1017 (Jamestown) or 716.376.7516 (Cattaraugus County Campus). Most tutoring is done one-on-one; however, group sessions can be arranged. The AVX Group Study Room may be reserved for group review sessions and class projects.
  • Supplementary Materials: The learning center houses many current textbooks, supplementary texts, math and learning strategies videotapes, and reference materials. Handouts on many topics such as time management, text book reading, test taking, note taking, and managing test anxiety are also available.
  • Test Analyses: Coordinators will review a recent exam with a student, and together, develop learning strategies focused on a particular course and instructor.
  • Learning Environment: Both centers have been designed with a variety of learning environments including quiet study rooms, study carrels, an open room for tutoring, small tables for group learning, and a conference room.
  • Computer Lab: A computer lab with Microsoft Office software, internet access, and other course specific software is available for student use. Computer lab assistants are available to answer questions. Review the JCC Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Workshops: Both centers offer workshops on various study skills topics during the semester. Contact us for the current semester schedule.
  • Accessibility Services: The centers work closely with Accessibility Services to provide accommodations for disability related learning needs. Assistive technology is available, as well as space for accommodated testing.
  • Libraries: The JCC libraries can help you with research, citation, and more with their LibGuides. You can also contact the libraries directly.
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Contact The Learning Center

Jamestown Campus
Second floor, HULT


Cattaraugus County Campus
First floor, TECH (opposite Cutco Theater)

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Who are the tutors?

Tutors are freshman and sophomore students who have been recommended by faculty to work with other students. Some faculty members also provide academic assistance.

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How can a tutor help me?

Tutors can review homework, clarify confusing concepts, help with test preparation, provide assistance with writing assignments, and make suggestions to improve study techniques. Tutors help students develop the kinds of skills they need to succeed independently in college. Sometimes the best way tutors can do this is by helping students review challenging course material. At other times tutors may demonstrate a new way of approaching a difficult subject or teach a new study strategy.

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Do I have to make an appointment for tutoring?

We ask that you do. That way you’ll be guaranteed someone is available to help you. You can stop in to make an appointment, or simply call 716.338.1017 or 716.376.7516. Most appointments last for one-half to one hour. If you don’t have an appointment, stop by to see if someone is available to help you. You may come for tutoring as often as needed. Several studies show that five or more tutorials during the semester make a substantial difference in understanding course content and overall grade improvement.

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How much does tutoring cost?

It’s free for JCC students. Take advantage of this great service!

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How often can I come?

There is no limit. However, if you sign up for appointments and do not come, we’ll ask you to limit your appointments.

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What are my responsibilities for the tutoring session?

Arrive on time and be prepared with specific questions. We expect that you have been attending class on a regular basis and that you have attempted to complete the course assignments.

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What if I don’t like my tutor?

That can happen. Please request someone else. Don’t hesitate to work with other tutors to find someone who is more compatible.

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Can I use the learning center as a place to study?

Yes! The advantage of studying at the Learning Center is that if you have a course-related question, someone is usually available to help you.

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Can I get a copy of my textbook at the learning center?

We have copies of many current textbooks available for student use. These books can be used in the Learning Center. Older textbooks can be checked out for overnight use. We also have study guides and solutions manuals for many courses.

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Are computers available?

Yes, each center has a student computer lab that has internet access, Microsoft Office, and other course specific software. Lab assistants are available to answer questions.

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What if I need to take an exam?

When you come for an exam, please know your instructor’s name and bring any allowable materials with you (pen, paper, calculator, etc.) Check our hours so that you allow yourself sufficient time. Reminder: The JCC Academic Integrity/Cheating policy is strictly enforced.

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Help! I get so nervous before an exam I can’t concentrate!

We can supply you with information on test anxiety and ways to alleviate it. We also have information on note-taking skills, time management techniques, textbook reading strategies, and test taking strategies. Having good study skills and being well prepared are the best ways to avoid test anxiety!

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Is the Learning Center open during college breaks?

No, we are not open during semester breaks.

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How can I become a tutor?

Tutors are either student assistant or college work study employees and are paid minimum wage. Check out our employment page for more information.

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Is tutoring available at the North County Center?

Some tutoring is available at North County. Contact the main office in Dunkirk for each semester’s schedule.