Faculty Services and Resources

Learning Center faculty services at JCC

Class visits

In-class presentations on The Learning Center services and/or study skills topics are available on request. Contact Janelle Grey, x1252, or Beth Lisi, x7545.

Review sessions

Review sessions on selected topics as requested by the instructor can be arranged.


Administration of exams for students requiring disability related accommodations is provided in both locations, as well as individual make-up testing for faculty who are unable to make other arrangements with students.

Jamestown Campus

If your student needs to take an exam at The Learning Center on the Jamestown Campus, please review the Testing Guidelines for Faculty and use the Test Request Form. If you have any questions or need to add additional information, please call 716.338.1017.

Cattaraugus County Campus

If we are administering an exam for you, please:

  • Put your name and your student’s name on the test
  • Include information about time limits, use of outside materials, and any other test conditions
  • Drop the test off at the front desk of The Learning Center
  • Let us know if you want the test returned to your mailbox

Learning Modules and Tips for Success

Faculty can help students be successful by suggesting what learning strategies work best for specific subjects. You can complete a template about learning in your course and then post the information to Blackboard.


We are available to discuss strategies that will help students effectively learn your course content. Feel free to talk with us about expectations for your students. One of the tutorial roles is to “translate for instructors.” The better we understand your expectations and assignments, the more we will be able to assist your students.

How faculty can help us:

  • Refer students who are in need of academic assistance.
  • Place on reserve in The Learning Center materials that will help students be successful in your class. (i.e. study guides, previous tests, sample papers)
  • Obtain current textbooks for The Learning Center.
  • Recommend students for tutoring positions.
  • Schedule some of your office hours in The Learning Center.
  • When you tutor students in your office, complete the Faculty Tutorial Log Sheet and return it to The Learning Center.
  • Let us know if there are new services we may provide to help your students be successful.


Check the learning link page for a variety of study skills sites.

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Contact The Learning Center

Jamestown Campus
Second floor, HULT


Cattaraugus County Campus
First floor, TECH (opposite Cutco Theater)

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Who are the tutors and how are they selected?

Tutors are freshman and sophomore JCC students who have been recommended by faculty. They must complete a tutor application and be interviewed by the academic support services coordinator. Selection for these student assistant or work study positions is based upon demonstration of content area knowledge and interpersonal skills, particularly the ability to communicate effectively. An additional consideration is readiness to work with students in high-demand courses.

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What do tutors do?

The primary responsibilities of tutors are to complement classroom instruction by answering questions, clarifying course material, demonstrating and explaining concepts, and suggesting learning strategies. In addition, tutors help with the daily operations of the learning center. Peer tutors do not substitute for missed classes.

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Do tutors help students with take-home assignments?

Although the vast majority of students who seek assistance do so for legitimate reasons, some, on occasion, request help with problems or questions that have been assigned as part of a take-home examination. Tutors are instructed to not help students who request assistance with take-home exams. However, because tutors cannot always tell when a student's questions belong to an exam, they may inadvertently help a student with work that they meant to do alone.
Despite our best efforts, we cannot prevent this without your help. If you give a take-home exam or assign other work for which you do not want students to receive tutorial support, please let us know.

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How are tutors trained?

Tutors are trained and certified under guidelines from the College and Reading Association.  Training workshops and meetings are held throughout the year.  Supplementary readings and activities are required.  If you would like to participate in tutor training or offer suggestions for strengthening it, we would be glad to talk with you.

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How do I recommend tutors?

There is no formal process. Call or email the learning center director the name of a recommended student and also encourage the student to complete a tutor application and/or visit the coordinator.

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May I put reserve materials in The Learning Center?

Please do. It’s one way to encourage students to use The Learning Center and feel comfortable here. Old exams, sample papers, videotapes, answer keys, etc. are useful tools for students to have access to. 

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How do you help students learn more effectively and efficiently?

The most effective tool we’ve found is the test analysis. The coordinator will review a recently taken exam with a student to determine why errors were made. In the process, the student should discover things about their own learning profile, along with devising a better study plan for a particular course. We also talk with students about note taking, preparing for an exam, effective reading strategies, time management, and ways of dealing with obstacles and challenges to their success.

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Can I send students to Academic Support Services if they miss my class?

Our services are designed to complement your classes, not substitute for them. Therefore, only in the case of extenuating circumstances will we work with students who are not attending class on a regular basis. We expect that they will talk with you and get notes or assignments from a classmate before coming to the learning center.

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Can I send students to Academic Support Services for make-up exams?

At the Learning Center on the Jamestown Campus, yes, we will administer individual make-up exams for students who have a legitimate reason for missing the exam.

At the Learning Center on the Cattaraugus County Campus, no, we regret that we do not have the staff for sufficient proctoring. We do, however, proctor accommodated and DL tests. Students sometimes use the testing room for taking unproctored online exams.

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What if the tutors give students incorrect answers?

If tutors are unable to answer a question or help a student solve a problem, they are trained to refer the student to the faculty member for additional assistance rather than “guess” at a solution. If you find that a tutor has provided incorrect information, please let us know so that we can address the situation. We appreciate your working with us to improve our services.

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What accommodations do you provide? For whom?

Tutoring is open to all students and is not considered an accommodation. We do have assistive technology for students with disability related needs, and we provide distraction-reduced space for accommodated testing.

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Can I hold office hours or group review sessions in The Learning Center?

Please do! We have a variety of spaces available to accommodate the size of your group.

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Is it all right to stop by and talk with you about teaching and learning?

We hope you do. The better we understand your expectations for your students, the better our assistance.