Refunds Due to Coronavirus

Tuition & housing refunds due to COVID-19

Due to the disruptions caused by COVID-19, Jamestown Community College shifted to a distance learning model during the spring 2020 term, and has continued coursework throughout the duration of the spring semester.

Tuition refunds

Jamestown Community College is not issuing tuition refunds based on the shift to distance learning. Such refunds are governed by New York State regulation (8 NYCRR 302) and the State University of New York refund policy (SUNY Policy No. 7301) and will only be issued in accordance with such rules. You can view our tuition liability schedule for the spring 2020 semester. Questions about the refund policy and tuition liability schedule may be directed to the Business Office.

Housing refunds

Due to disruptions cause by COVID-19, all enrolled housing students will receive an applicable prorated credit/refund on their student account for the spring 2020 term for housing charges and any meal plan upgraded to either 10 meals or 15 meals per week. JCC determined credit/refund amounts based on criteria, which included but was not limited to the student’s departure date from campus, past due balances, and any violations in the housing agreement or the housing agreement extension.  

In accordance with guidance provided by the Department of Education, all prorated credits/refunds must be applied to your spring 2020 student account. If your spring 2020 account is currently paid in full and has a zero balance, you will receive the entire calculated refund. If you currently have an outstanding balance on your spring 2020 account, credits will first be applied to any outstanding charges you owe the college and you will receive any balance as a refund. You will be responsible for any remaining balance on your account after your credit has been applied.

To expedite your refund, the college recommends all students set up to receive direct deposit if they have not done so already.

Once the refund is processed, you will receive an email informing you of the refund amount and type. If you are set up for ACH, you could expect the funds to be deposited in your designated account within two business days. If you do not enroll, you will be mailed a paper check within two weeks.

Guidelines & resources

Residence hall refund/credit guidelines

Eligibility for a refund

A student must:

  • Be in good standing based upon campus specific policies
  • Have their belongings removed from the residence hall location, or the room must otherwise be approved as cleared by campus Residential Life
  • Enrolled during the spring 2020 semester on or after March 19, 2020

Unused room & meal charges

  • The amount of unused room charges and meal plan will be provided based on the calculation below.
  • All amounts will be based on the date the college declared a COVID emergency (March 19,2020) or the date they left the residence halls, whichever is later.
  • Students will receive a refund for the amount of unused room charges and/or unused meal charges net any unpaid 2019-20 balances.
  • Any adjustments to financial aid that are mandated by regulation may change the financial impact of any credit.

Residence room

Room charges include:

  • Base room charges
  • 5 meal plan

If the student is eligible for a refund it will be calculated by using the rate per week for the spring 2020 semester times the number of weeks between the last day of residency and the last day of exams.

For example, if the student leaves on March 23, 2020:

  • Number of weeks from March 23 to May 14, 2020 equals 6 weeks
  • Number of weeks in the semester equals 16 weeks
  • Refund/credit will equal $1,449 ($3,865 semester cost divided by 16 weeks per semester times 6 weeks)

Meal plans

The residence room charge includes a 5 meal plan so any refund of the residence room cost will include the 5 meal plan.

For students who purchased additional meals (10 or 15 meals per week), if the student is eligible for a refund, it will be calculated by using the rate per meal for the spring 2020 semester times the number of unused meals on the last day of residency.

For example, when the student leaves:

  • Number of unused meals equals 27
  • Number of total meals eligible for the semester equals 164
  • Refund will equal $204 (cost per meal for 10 meal plan ($7.55) times 27 unused meals)

J-Dollars associated with meal plan

  • Students that have a balance in their J-Dollar account will be allowed to carried this balance forward to the fall 2020 semester.
  • If the student does not return in the fall 2020 semester, then there will be no refund of J-Dollars.

Additional fees

Broad based fees

There will be no refunds for broad based fees because the services provided by these fees continued upon the conversion to online learning. Those include:

  • Technology fees
  • College fees
  • Health fees

Course based fees

If a course was not available to the student to complete, then a refund of course based fees will be issued, including those listed below:

  • Lab fees
  • Course based fees

Student activity fees

An assessment of the student activities budget and the activities that had to be suspended will be done to determine how much, if any, refund/credit will be provided to students.


If a student disagrees with the refund issued, they can appeal this decision by completing the Appeal Form stating the reason for disagreement. We will respond to you no later than 14 days after we receive your email.

Steps to set up direct deposit
  1. Go to
  2. Select: Enter Secure Area
  3. Select: Student
  4. Select: Registration
  5. Select: View Your Bill
  6. Select (at the bottom of the student bill): Click here to access Nelnet
  7. Update information to establish profile
  8. From Nelnet dashboard, select: Manage Refunds, and follow the steps to set up account for direct deposit
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