Court and Realtime Reporting (Associate in Applied Science)

Number of JCC credits transferable to this program: up to 37
Program delivered: online
Information: 607.587.3413

This program, approved by the National Court Reporters Association, prepares students for careers as official, freelance, realtime reporters and captioners. Jobs are available for competent court reporters to work in all fields of reporting, including realtime and closed captioning for the hearing impaired. One feature of the court and realtime reporting program is the development of high recording skills to 225-plus words per minute through the use of realtime translation machine shorthand and computer aided transcription (CAT). The college offers court reporting-related courses online. The online approach still requires two years of course work and is designed for those who are currently working and seeking a change in career, single parents, or individuals who cannot attend a college campus.
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For more information on the court and realtime reporting program, please refer to the Alfred State College website.

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