Book Smart PA

Eligible students will be identified from admissions and financial aid applications, with selection by a committee of recruitment and financial aid staff. Awards will be made on a rolling basis beginning August 1 to students who have been accepted to JCC.

Up to $500 per semester for up to two semesters in the same academic year ($1,000 total) to cover the cost of textbooks at the JCC FSA Bookstore.
The Book Smart PA scholarship is designed to assist first-time JCC students from Pennsylvania. Students must meet the basic eligibility requirements: be a resident of Pennsylvania; be a first-time JCC student; be a matriculated student (students entering JCC as a first-time student during the summer enrollment period must be a matriculated student for fall); enroll in a credit-bearing course (audited courses are not eligible for this award); enroll at any of the JCC sites or online; cannot be eligible to receive a tuition waiver or be cross-registered with another college; must have completed the FAFSA form; must be in good academic standing to receive the award for the second semester
Up to two semesters, to be used either fall, spring, or summer.
Transfer Scholarship: 
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Awards are given annually on a first-come, first-served basis to students who meet eligibility requirements and are accepted and enroll for classes at any JCC location or online.
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Incoming Students
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