Maintain a safe and healthful work environment.

Adhere to the standards contained in the Company "Code of Ethics & Business Conduct."

Complete work requirements by following the direction of the supervisor; following policies and procedures; obeying all radiological, safety, and industrial hygiene rules and regulations. 

Operate various tools, equiptment and systems to complete job requirements including, but not limited to, fork trucks, hoisting and rigging equipment, power tools, build cribbing, man lifts, and utilities.

Complete job requirements by performing a variety of decontamination/contamination control tasks including waste packaging.

Document actions by completing required records, data sheets, and reports. 

Perform work in hazard controlled work environments.

Obtain samples for characterization purposes by performing tell-tailing and core-drilling activities. 


High school education or equvalent.

Must possess a valid driver's license. 

Must satisfactorily complete and maintai the training requirements of a D&D/WO Technician, Labor Grade 5.

Must be able to successfully complete and maintain all other qualifications deemed necessary.

Must be familiar with standard mechanical tools and equipment necessary to preform jobs. 

Application Instructions: 

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