Access Your Online Course

Taking your online course through JCC

  1. Go to Blackboard (
  2. Follow login directions in the "My Announcements" section.
  3. Complete the Blackboard Orientation under the Orientation Tab.
  4. Click the link to your course and follow the instructor's directions.

You can access your online course one week before the start date.

If you cannot log in to your course, please contact the JCC Help Desk at 716.338.1122 or After you register for courses at JCC, it may take 24 hours for your Blackboard account to activate.

Your username and password


  • First 6 characters (or fewer) of your last name
  • First character of your first name
  • First character of your middle name (if you have one)
  • A two digit number beginning with 01

Example: Jane M. Anderson would be (andersjm01). If you have a common name, the final number may increase by 1 (for example, to andersonjm02).


Your password will be your birth date in the format: MMDDYY

Example: January 7, 1989 would be 010789

Access your JCC Gmail

Visit My JCC and click on the “Email” tab. Log-in instructions are provided.

Buy your textbooks

You can purchase textbooks online from the FSA campus store. Online textbook orders can be shipped to your residence for a fee or delivered to one of the campus stores.

Access your online course grades

To access the grades for a course you are currently taking online, log into Blackboard, and then click on the link to the course. From the left hand menu, click on the My Grades link.

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Contact Online Learning

Director of Technology Enhanced Instruction


Coordinator of Academic Technology Support