Holly Nidell, Entrepreneur Graduate

Holly Nidell is a 2014 alumna of Jamestown Community College's entrepreneurship program. She won first place at JCC's Scholars Day in 2014 for her project "Define the Undefined: Health Management Network Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation". She credits her accounting, economics, and entrepreneurship classes with her on her quest to bring her outpatient rehabilitation goals to life.

After taking multiple accounting classes, Holly stressed the need for businesses to understand their financial situation. "Understanding accounting allows a person to look at the overall outcome of a business...and make appropriate decisions about the sustainability of a company's future."

Holly also took three economics courses. Through those courses, she learned one of the key business concepts, that "if a person or business can provide a better service at a higher output than their competitors, with the same amount of effort and resources, then they have an absolute advantage." At the same time, though, being the best will only get you so far. The more important question, Holly said, is determining "what to specialize in - and how to maximize your potential."

Lastly, Holly emphasized the importance of her entrepreneurship class, in which she began to put her ideas and concepts into practice. From setting goals to researching the competition, Holly said, the entrepreneurship class at JCC "helps you with constructing a business plan that is in-depth and detailed," allowing for maximum project success.

"The experience that I have had at JCC has helped me build confidence within myself. I know that the future that I am going to create is, in part, due to the knowledge that I gained from JCC."

"The one piece of advice that I would give to new entrepreneurs starting out is to make sure that you do your research." Holly knew that she wanted to focus on outpatient rehabilitation, and during her studies at JCC she realized that "just having a great idea or concept is only the tip of the iceberg. Conducting research and knowing the competition that stands before you is crucial." Thanks to her education at JCC, she's focused on starting professional outpatient rehabilitation clinics in western New York.

Holly Nidell with VP Marilyn Zagora and President Cory Duckworth at Scholars Day

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