Addictions Counseling (Certificate)

What does an addictions counseling graduate do?

With a certificate in addictions counseling, you’ll be able to apply your deeper understanding of drug addiction and substance abuse to helping people in health care, criminal justice, court systems, human services, and any field with individuals touched by addiction.

CASAC certification is vital for counseling professionals who work in treatment facilities for people experiencing problems with addiction and substance abuse. Our coursework meets the 350 educational hours required through the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) to pursue CASAC certification.


Minimum program credit hours: 35

Program Codes

Degree Option
Hegis Code
Curriculum Code
General Requirements
9 credit hours Degree Requirements Met
PSY 1510: General Psychology3
PSY 2540: Interpersonal/Group Dynamics3
BIO 1510: Health Science3

Core Requirements
26 credit hours Degree Requirements Met
HUS 1280: Introduction to Family Systems3
HUS 1310: Studies/Alcohol/Chem Dependency3
HUS 1410: Generalist Practice Skills3
HUS 2230: Interviewing and Counseling3
HUS 2430: Alcohol/Chem Depend: Treatment3
HUS 2400: Ethics/Issues-Addiction Services3
HUS 2215: Field Placement I - Addictions Counseling5
PSY 2560: Abnormal Behavior3

Degree Requirements Met

Program Completion Map

Addictions Counseling (Certificate)
Semester 1 Credits
HUS 1280: Introduction to Family Systems 3
HUS 1310: Studies in Alcohol Chemical Dependency 3
HUS 1410: Generalist Practice Skills 3
HUS 2230: Interviewing and Counseling 3
PSY 1510: General Psychology 3
BIO 1510: Health Science 3
INT 1520^: Student Success Seminar 1
Total 19
Semester 2 Credits
HUS 2215: Field Placement I - Addictions 5
HUS 2400: Ethics and Critical Issues in Substance Abuse 3
HUS 2430: Chemical Dependency Treatment Methods 3
PSY 2560: Abnormal Behavior 3
PSY 2540: Interpersonal Group Dynamics 3
Total 17


This is a suggested program guide based on a two semester sequence and is one of many potential paths to completing your program at JCC. Your advisor can work with you to make adjustments to this guide based on placement scores.

^ First time, full-time students are required to take INT 1520: Student Success Seminar.