Sport Management (A.S.)

More about the job market

As a sport management graduate, you can pursue careers in a wide variety of fields based on your interests. You can work for professional and minor league franchises, college and high school athletic departments, fitness centers, sports facilities, and recreational organizations.

Examples of Businesses Examples of Roles
  • Professional and minor league franchises
  • College and high school athletic departments
  • Fitness centers
  • Sport facilities
  • Recreational organizations
  • Youth sport organizations
  • Athletic coach
  • Athletic director
  • Broadcast reporter
  • Business manager
  • Facility manager
  • Fitness coordinator
  • Marketing and promotions manager
  • NCAA senior women’s administrator
  • Sport agent
  • Sport information director


Minimum program credit hours: 60

Program Codes

Degree Option
Associate in Science Degree
Hegis Code
Curriculum Code
General Requirements
24 credit hours Degree Requirements Met
ENG 1530: English Composition II3 BCOM H CENG
ENG 1540: Writing About Literature3 HUMA H CWRT, VEDP
CMM 1510: Introduction to Communication or CMM 1610: Public Speaking3 ARTS, HUMA H
ECO 2610: Macroeconomic Principles or ECO 2620: Microeconomic Principles3 SOSC S SR
PSY 1510: General Psychology3 SOSC S SR
SOC 1510: Introduction to Sociology3 SOSC S SR, VEDP
MAT 1540: Elementary Statistics3 MATH N CMAT
Mathematics and Sciences Electives

3 credits may need to be SUNY General Education-category specific


Core Requirements
27 credit hours Degree Requirements Met
BUS 1510: Principles of Financial Accounting4
PHE 1870: Sport Psychology3
SPT 1300: Introduction to Sport Management3
SPT 1320: Sport in Society3 SOSC S
SPT 1550: Sport Promotion & Marketing3

Choose from the following list.

BUS 1520: Principles of Managerial Accounting4
BUS 2530: Business Law I3
BUS 2550: Marketing3
BUS 2580: Management & Organizational Behavior3
CSC 1560: Microcomputer Applications I4
ECO 2610: Macroeconomic Principles or ECO 2620: Microeconomic Principles3 SOSC S SR
PHE 1480: Personal Trainer Certification3
PHE 1500: Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries3
PHE 1590: Principles of Fitness & Wellness3
PHE 1880: Sport Nutrition2
SPT 1310: Foundations of Coaching & Teaching3
SPT 1330: Recreation and Fitness Program Planning3
SPT 1350: Sport Media3
SPT 2330: Youth Sport Administration3
SPT 2520: Ethical Leadership - Sport & Fitness3 H
SPT 2530: Sport History Through Film3 H

9 credit hours Degree Requirements Met

Up to 6 credits may need to be Liberal Arts and Sciences specific and may also need to be SUNY General Education specific with 3 credits being category specific in American History, Western Civilizations, Other World Civilizations, or Foreign Language.


Program Completion Map

Sport Management (A.S.)
Semester 1 Credits
SPT 1300: Introduction to Sport Management 3
ENG 1530: English Composition II 3
PSY 1510: General Psychology 3
MAT 1540: Elementary Statistics 3
BUS 1510: Principles of Financial Accounting 4
INT 1520^: Student Success Seminar 1
Total 17
Semester 2 Credits
PHE 1870: Sport Psychology 3
ENG 1540: Writing About Literature 3
CMM 1510 or CMM 1610: Introduction to Communication or Public Speaking 3
SOC 1510: Introduction to Sociology 3
Program Core Electives 3
Total 15
Semester 3 Credits
Mathematics and Sciences Electives* 3
SPT 1320: Sport in Society 3
ECO 2610 or ECO 2620: Macroeconomic Principles or Microeconomic Principles 3
Program Core Electives 3
Electives 3
Total 15
Semester 4 Credits
SPT 1550: Sport Promotion and Marketing 3
Program Core Electives 5
Electives* 6
Total 14


This is a suggested program guide based on a four semester sequence and is one of many potential paths to completing your program at JCC. Your advisor can work with you to make adjustments to this guide based on placement scores.

* SUNY requires completion of 30 credit hours and courses from 7 of 10 general education categories to graduate. Electives will need to be chosen carefully. Please see the course schedule listing for further details.

^ First time, full-time students are required to take INT 1520: Student Success Seminar.