Global Studies


Minimum program credit hours: 60

Program Codes

Degree Option
Associate in Arts Degree
Hegis Code
Curriculum Code
General Requirements
30 credit hours Degree Requirements Met
ENG 1530: English Composition II3 BCOM H CENG
ENG 1540: Writing About Literature3 HUMA H CWRT, VEDP
World Language Requirement

Choose from courses within the ARA, CHI, FRE, RUS, SPA disciplines.

HIS 1510: World History Before 1500 or HIS 1520: World History Since 15003 OCIV, WCIV S
GEO 1520: World Regional Geography3 SOSC S SR, VEDP
POL 1520: World Politics3 S VEDP
MAT 1540: Elementary Statistics3 MATH N CMAT
Mathematics and Sciences Electives

Up to 6 credits may need to be SUNY General Education-category specific.

6 (X) N

Core Requirements
18 credit hours Degree Requirements Met
GLS 1500: Introduction to Global Studies3 OCIV X
GLS 2500: Global Studies Capstone3 X
At least 1 course must be taken from each of the 3 areas of specialization

One course must be at the sophomore level.


Cultural and Regional Studies

ANT 1520: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3
ANT 1530: Comparative Religion3
ANT 2520: Peoples and Cultures of the World3
ART 1560: Survey of Visual Art: Renaissance through Contemporary3
CMM 2610: Mass Communication and Media Literacy3
ENG 2510: Masterpieces of World Literature I3
ENG 2520: Masterpieces of World Literature II3
REL 2580: Survey of Islamic Studies3
RUS 2560: Russian Civilization and Culture3
SOC 1510: Introduction to Sociology3
SPA 2560: Latin American Civilization and Culture3

Institutions and Issues

BIO 2570: Environmental Issues/Ethics3
BIO 2620: Tropical Biology3
BUS 1650: Global Business3
ECO 1530: Contemporary Economic Problems3
ECO 2610: Macroeconomic Principles3
ECO 2620: Microeconomic Principles3
GLS 2010: Global Studies Internship3
POL 2860: European Union3
ANT 2600: Planet Earth3

Peace, Justice, and Conflict Management

CMM 2500: Interpersonal Communication3
LDR 1660: Leadership Development3
PHL 1510: Introduction to Philosophy3
PHL 2630: Contemporary Moral Problems3
POL 2530: Law and Civil Rights3
PSY 2530: Social Psychology3

12 credit hours Degree Requirements Met

Important Points
  • Students are strongly encouraged to take CMM 1610: Public Speaking, PHL 1570: Critical Reasoning, and POL 1510: American Politics as electives.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of global issues, processes, trends, and systems (i.e., economic, political, and environmental issues and policies; environmental-cultural interaction; global governance bodies.
  2. Demonstrate a global perspective by utilizing diverse frames of reference and alternate perspectives to question and analyze global issues and problems.
  3. Communicate in a second language in each of the four modalities: speaking, listening, reading, and writing at an introductory level.