One-Plus-One Transfer Agreements 

JCC has special arrangements with Gannon University in respiratory care. Under these "one-plus-one" agreements, students normally spend one year at JCC and then transfer to Gannon University to complete the second year of the degree program. Through appropriate course selection in consultation with an academic advisor at JCC, students prepare for successful transfer and earn their degrees from the transfer institution. 

Gannon University

Respiratory Care Program
Transfer Agreement (.pdf)

Students can complete one year of study at JCC and then transfer to Gannon University into respiratory care.

Important Points (minimum standards for students with an associate degree)

  • Students must have a minimum cumulative JCC grade point average (GPA) of 2.5.
    As part of accepting the associate degree, Gannon accepts grades that have been deemed as passing by the sending institution. Grades of “D” will only be accepted as a component of an earned associate degree in accordance with this articulation agreement. Otherwise, a grade “C” or better is required for course transfer.
    Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor at Gannon prior to their first semester there to discuss their transition and any particular issues relating to their desired program of study.
  • Gannon will accept all college-level credits earned from JCC up to a maximum of 32 credits. 
  • Specific course requirements for the AS Respiratory Care must be fulfilled as stipulated in the attached curriculum matrix.
  • Students must have at least 64 hours of academic work with a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 to be awarded an undergraduate degree from Gannon.
  • At least two-thirds of the courses designated as upper level in the attached curriculum matrix in the field of concentration, including the required seminars and the final thirty credit hours of degree requirements, must be taken at Gannon. 
  • Students are required to complete the following Liberal Studies Core courses: *LTHE 121 Sacred Scriptures (3 credits), *LPHI 131 Introduction to Philosophy (3 credits), for a total of 6 credits.
    *Students may transfer approved course equivalents for these Liberal Studies Core classes. These must be completed at Gannon University.
  • Students must meet Gannon’s conduct standards in regards to known behavioral problems.
  • GPA is used to make an admissions decision, but does not transfer. The grades of courses do not transfer, just the courses themselves.
  • Students who earn a minimum of 30 Jamestown Community College college-level credits and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5, and who also meet Gannon’s conduct standards in regards to known behavioral problems, are guaranteed acceptance into the A.S. Respiratory Care degree program at Gannon.

Jamestown Community College students who enter Gannon with at least 30 credits from the attached curriculum matrix, maintain full-time enrollment of 15-18 credits, register for recommended courses, and earn grades of “C” or higher will fulfill graduation requirements for the A.S. degree in Respiratory Care in two semesters at Gannon.

Students who follow the Transfer Articulation Guidelines will enter Gannon with full sophomore class status. Students are required to take RSPC 201 Introduction to Respiratory Care. Students who are not able to complete all prerequisites prior to their desired semester of enrollment may still be considered for admission.

Respiratory Care (A.S.) Curriculum
Gannon Course Requirement (crs) JCC Equivalent (crs)
LENG 111 College Composition (3) ENG 1510 English Composition 1 (3)
PSYC 111 Intro to Psychology (3) PSY 1510 General Psychology (3)
MATH 111 or 112 or 114 College Algebra or College Trigonometry or Algebra for Business Students (3) MAT 1590 or 1220 or 1600 College Algebra/Trigonometry, Applied Math for Technology, Precalculus (3)
LPHI 131 Intro to Philosophy (3) PHL 1510 Intro to Philosophy (3)
BIOL 108/109/110/111 Anatomy and Physiology I/II (8) BIO 2510/2520 Anatomy and Physiology I/II (8)
BIOL 106/107 Microbiology (4) BIO 2531/2532 or 2530 Microbiology/Lab, Microbiology (with lab) (4)
CHEM 103/104 Chemistry of Life 1 (4)

CHE 1550 College Chemistry 1 (4)

PHYS 100 Physics for Respiratory Care (4) PHY 1250 or 1610 or 1710 Technical Physics I, General Physics 1, Analytical Physics 1
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