One-Plus-One Transfer Agreements 

JCC has special arrangements with Medaille College in liberal studies. Under these "one-plus-one" agreements, students normally spend one year at JCC and then transfer to Medaille College to complete the second year of the degree program. Through appropriate course selection in consultation with an academic advisor at JCC, students prepare for successful transfer and earn their degrees from the transfer institution. 

Medaille College

Liberal Studies Program
Transfer Agreement (.pdf)

Students can complete one year of study at JCC and then transfer to Medaille College into liberal studies.

Important Points

  • General guarantee of admission and transfer of courses: Students who have achieved a minimum cumulative Jamestown Community College grade point average of 2.5 are guaranteed admission into the A.S. Liberal Studies degree program at Medaille College. Those who transfer at least 30 credit hours are guaranteed full sophomore status. Students can transfer toward meeting Medaille College degree requirements up to 30 credit hours from the courses listed in Appendix A. When a JCC course carries more credits than an equivalent Medaille College course, the excess credits will transfer as elective credits. For example, MAT 1600 Precalculus (4 credits) will transfer as MAT 115 Pre-Calculus (3 credits) plus 1 credit of MAT electives.
  • General guarantee of opportunity to graduate and progress: Students who graduate from Jamestown Community College having taken a minimum of 30 credits from the courses listed in Appendix A of this agreement are guaranteed the opportunity to earn the associate’s degree with two continuous semesters of full-time study at the normal coursework rate of 15 or more credits per semester at Medaille College.
Transferable Courses
General Education Component
Medaille Course Requirement JCC Equivalent
GEN 110 Intro to Critical Thought (3) PHL 1570 Critical Reasoning or PHL 2650 Intro to Formal Logic or approved LAS Elective (see below) (3)
GEN 220 Colonial N. America: Case Study in Cultural Interaction (3) His 1530 US History I or HIS 1540 US History II (3)
GEN 230 Creative Expression (3) Any one of the following: ART 1500, ART 1550, ART 1560, MUS 1510, MUS 1570, MUS 1590, THE 1510, THE 1520, THE 1630, any literature course (3)
GEN 240 Scientific Discovery (3) Any lab course in BIO, CHE, GLG, or PHY (4)
ENG 100-110 or 110-200 Writing (6) ENG 1510/1530 English Composition I/II or ENG 1530/1540 English Composition II/Writing About Literature (6)
MAT 114 Intermediate Algebra (3) MAT 1500 Problem Solving with Mathematics (or higher numbered MAT course)1,2

1Students who meet the math competency must substitute a Free Elective.

2Note that JCC’s MAT 1500 or higher fulfills the MAT 114 requirement for Medaille degree programs that do not require MAT 115. For programs that do require MAT 115, the MAT 114 requirement is fulfilled by JCC’s MAT 1590 or higher. Before taking MAT 115 at Medaille, students must take either MAT 1590 (or higher) at JCC or MAT 114 at Medaille.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Component (up to 6)
Humanities electives (may include any ART, DAN, ENG, FRE, HUM, MUS, PHI, SPA, SPE, and THE courses) Humanities electives (may include any ARA, ART, DAN, ENG, FRE, GER, MUS, PHL, RUS, SPA, and THE courses plus [transfer as HUM courses] INT 2530, INT 2540, and CMM 1610 [transfers as SPE 130])
Social sciences electives (may include any APY, CRJ, ECO, GEO, HIS, POL, PSY, SSC, and SOC courses) Social sciences electives (may include any ANT, CRI, ECO, GEO, HIS, POL, PSY, and SOC courses)
Liberal arts and sciences electives (may include any APY, ART, BIO, CHE, CRJ, ECO, ENG, FRE, GEO, HIS, HUM, MAT, MMS, PHI, PHY, POL, PSY, SOC, SPA, THE courses) Liberal arts and sciences electives (may include any ANT, ART, ARA, BIO, CHE, CRI, ECO, ENG, FRE, GEO, GER, GLG, HIS, MAT, PHL, PHY, POL, PSY, RUS, SOC, SPA, and THE courses; plus [transfer as HUM courses] INT 2530, INT 2540; plus [transfer as MMS courses] ART 1540, ART 1730, ART 2730, ART 2740, CMM 1710, CMM 1750, CSC 1530 or CSC 2410)
Free Elective Component (up to 27)
Any college courses Any non-imputed credit courses
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