One-Plus-One Transfer Agreements 

JCC has special arrangements with the State University of New York College of Technology at Alfred (Alfred State) in health information technology. Under these "one-plus-one" agreements, students normally spend one year at JCC and then transfer to Alfred State to complete the second year of the degree program. Through appropriate course selection in consultation with an academic advisor at JCC, students prepare for successful transfer and earn their degrees from the transfer institution. 

SUNY College of Technology at Alfred (Alfred State)

Health Information Technology Program
Transfer Agreement (.pdf)

Students can complete one year of study at JCC and then transfer to Alfred State into health information technology.

Important Points

  • Time to Complete Degree:
    The curriculum offered at ASC normally requires four semesters of study plus one summer session. Acceptance of 31-34 credits from the courses listed above requires 33-36 credits to be completed at ASC. These remaining credits and the course offerings at ASC permit a transferring student to fulfill the curriculum requirements with two additional semesters (27-30 credits) plus one summer session (6 credits) at ASC if courses are completed satisfactorily. However, due to the large number of credits to be completed at ASC, students transferring with a grade point average of less than 3.0 may require three semesters and one summer at ASC.
  • Grade Point Average:
    With a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 and a minimum grade of C in all transferable courses which total 31 credits at JCC, the student is guaranteed acceptance into the AAS HIT program at ASC.
  • Practical Experience:
    Students who transfer from JCC will receive 160 hours of practical experience in a hospital/healthcare setting while a student at ASC.
Alfred State Transferable Courses
Alfred State Course Requirement (crs) JCC Equivalent (crs)
BIOL 1404 Anatomy and Physiology 1 (4) BIO 2510 Anatomy and Physiology I (4)
BIOL 2504 Anatomy and Physiology II (4) BIO 2520 Anatomy and Physiology II (4)
COMP 1503 Freshman Composition II (3) ENG 1530 English Composition II (3)
LITR 2603 Introduction to Literature (3) ENG 1540 Writing About Literature (3)
CISY 1003 Intro to Microcomputer Applications (3) CSC 1560 Microcomputer Applications 1 (4)
BUAD 3153 Fundamentals of Management (3) BUS 2570 Principles of Management (3)
SPCH 1083 Effective Speaking (3) CMM 1610 Public Speaking (3)
HIST 1143 Surveying of American History (3) American History Course (3)
Social Science Elective (3) Social Science Elective (3)
HPED 8000 Physical Education (1) PHE XXX Physical Education Course (1)
MEDR 1133 Medical Terminology (3) HIT 1410 Medical Terminology (3)
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