Friday, September 1, 2017 - 5:06pm

A recent collaboration between JCC students and a local manufacturer resulted in a unique opportunity for applied learning.

Sophomore engineering science and mechanical technology students tested door welds for Ellison Bronze, a manufacturer of commercial entry doors based in Falconer, to assure compliance with technical standards.

The aluminum frame doors, created for the State University of New York at Albany, featured dissimilar thicknesses. After learning that students at JCC’s Manufacturing Technology Institute use destructive testing equipment as part of the college’s Strength of Materials course, Ellison Bronze representatives contacted JCC about the possibility of doing testing.

After reviewing American Society of Testing Materials standards, the students created a test for the Ellison Bronze project. The students, led by instructor and Cummins Inc. employee John Hale, conducted tensile and peel tests.

“The collaboration was so successful,” said Jeff Teluk, JCC’s engineering science and technology director, “that we may help develop an internship that is focused on building custom holding devices to test bending strength.”

Noting that experiencing real world concepts is key to students’ ability in the classroom and beyond, he added, “the more students get to see in the real world, the more successful they are in their classwork.”

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