Friday, August 21, 2015 - 4:40pm

JCC’s modern languages program will present a Spanish Film Club this fall.

The Spanish Film Club series is made possible with the support of the Katharine Jackson Carnahan Endowment for the Humanities, Pragda, SPAIN arts & culture, and the Secretary of State for Culture of Spain.

Films will be shown at JCC’s sites in Jamestown, Olean, and Dunkirk. The screenings, which are free and open to the public, begin at 7 p.m. in Carnahan Theatre (Jamestown), Cutco Theatre (Olean), and room 119 of the North County Training Center (Dunkirk).

Additional information on the film selections can be obtained by calling JCC, 716.338.1159.

Clandestine Childhood will be shown on September 15 (Jamestown), September 17 (Olean), and October 7 (Dunkirk). After years of exile, 12-year-old Juan and his family return to Argentina under fake identities. Juan’s parents and his uncle are members of the Montoneros Organization, which is fighting against the military junta that rules the country. Because of their political activities they are tracked relentlessly, and the threat of capture, and even death, is constant.

La Yuma, which tells the story of a young woman who dreams of transcending her bleak life in the slums of Managua by becoming a boxer, will be shown on September 16 (Dunkirk), September 23 (Jamestown), and September 30 (Olean). Looking beyond the meager possibilities that seem available to her and ignoring the advice of her gang member friends, she finds solace and hope in her training and falls in love with a middle class journalism student.

Crisanto, a poor cocaine farmer who lives with his family in the Guaviare jungle, a region ruled by the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, is the focus of Operation E on September 30 (Dunkirk), October 28 (Olean), and November 18 (Jamestown). A group of guerrilla fighters leave Crisanto’s family with a dying baby that they must care for. Doctors are able to heal the baby, but, believing he’s been abandoned and abused, take it away. Two years later, the guerrillas demand the child’s return as he is at the center of an exchange of hostages negotiated between the presidents of Colombia and Venezuela.

Black Bread, set in the war ravaged Catalan countryside of the early 1940s, will be shown on October 1 (Dunkirk), October 15 (Olean), and October 21 (Jamestown). Eleven-year-old Andreu stumbles upon a crushed wagon and witnesses the dying moments of the man and boy inside. When police suspect Andreu’s father of foul play, he goes into hiding and Andreu is sent to live with relatives. There, the frightened boy creates a fantasy life, but is forced to confront a world of adult deception, hatred, and the war’s monstrous consequences.

Bad Hair, offered on October 29 (Jamestown), November 4 (Dunkirk), and November 12 (Olean), focuses on a nine-year-old boy whose obsession with straightening his hair elicits homophobic panic in his hard-working mother. The boy has big brown eyes and a head of luxurious dark curls but aches to straighten those curls to acquire a new look befitting his emerging fantasy image of himself as a long-haired singer.

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