Monday, August 21, 2017 - 3:27pm

JCC has been approved to offer Associate in Science and Associate in Applied Science degrees in sport management on the Jamestown Campus.

The programs were reviewed and approved by the State University of New York and the New York State Education Department.

The degrees are geared toward students who want to be involved in sports but who do not necessarily want to teach physical education.

“The degrees allow students the choice of transferring to a four-year college for a bachelor’s degree or going directly into the workforce,” said Kathy Stedman, associate professor of physical education. She emphasized the potential combination of sport management courses with other academic disciplines such as business, communication, and life sciences.

The A.S. degree program enables graduates to transfer to a four-year institution, preparing them to pursue careers in youth, scholastic, intercollegiate, and professional athletic organizations, sport facility management, sport media and communication, and fitness management. Core courses will focus on accounting, economics, marketing, communication, and psychosocial theories related to sport.

The A.A.S. degree is designed for individuals interested in entry level positions in the sport, recreation, and fitness industry. Sport psychology, sport sociology, and ethical leadership will be emphasized in the curriculum. Although not designed as a transfer program, many of its courses may be tailored for transfer to bachelor’s degree programs emphasizing recreation management, fitness promotion management, and coaching education.

Experiential learning experiences are key components of both degree programs.

Additional information on the new degrees is available by contacting JCC’s admissions office, 800.388.8557.

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