Tuesday, June 21, 2011 - 11:44am

Students earning degrees and certificates from JCC's Jamestown and Cattaraugus County campuses in May 2011 included:

Highest Honors (representing a 4.0 grade point average): Associate in Arts (A.A.)-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science - Penny Chaffee of Russell, PA; Associate in Science (A.S.)-Business-Business Administration - Brittany Chase of Celoron; A.S.-Human Services - Donald Pool of Jamestown and Stephanie Johnson of Warren, PA; A.S.-Individual Studies - Thomas Marsh of Bemus Point and Travis Kuhns of Kennedy; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science - Brenda Hoglin of Jamestown and Kyle Jordan of Kennedy; Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.)-Individual Studies - Mary-Ann Ingrao of Angola; A.A.S.-Nursing - Meredith Page of Coudersport, PA and Cara Fickling of Sherman; A.A.S.-Occupational Therapy Assistant - Christopher Panus of Olean.

High Honors (representing a grade point average of 3.50 to 3.99): A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science - Kelsey Abbt of Sinclairville; A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities - Kami Green of Friendship; A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science - Sydney Blicharz and Jillian Maxson of Cuba, Amanda Elsholz of Dayton, Trisha Ward of Fillmore, Joseph Kepler, Noah Smith, and Marcus Stendahl of Jamestown, Zachary Ahlstrom of Lakewood, Susan Barlett and Tchianna McPeak of Olean, Stacey Crossman of Ripley; A.S.-Biotechnology - Diala Ghazal of Jamestown; A.S.-Business-Business Administration - Alysha Rathbun of Bolivar, Craig Nelson of Celoron, Elissa Mesler of Frewsburg, Karri Baker, Deanna Baudo, Ashley Johnson, Taylor Lehman (who also earned an A.S.-Communications), and Daniel McCue of Jamestown, Cami Miinte of Randolph, Tj Gustafson of Sugar Grove, PA; A.S.-Computer Science - Scott Burroughs of Allegany; A.S.-Criminal Justice - Kasey Cline of Belmont, Vincent Conti and Timothy Mason of Fredonia, Jakki Martin of Frewsburg, Dylan Burch of Friendship, Nicholas Olson of Jamestown, Lucas Curtis of Panama; A.S.-Engineering Science - Bryan Maione of Jamestown, Jarrett Devereaux of Kennedy; A.S.-Fine Arts: Music - Michael Brunacini (who also earned a Certificate-Digital Audio Production) and Dylan Edwards of Jamestown, Timothy Vaughn of Rixford, PA (who also earned a Certificate-Digital Audio Production); A.S.-Fine Arts: Studio Arts - Migdahlia Drohin of Jamestown, Molly Woodfield of Lakewood (who also earned an A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Childhood Education); A.S.-Human Services - Morgan Sweet of Cuba, Audrey Thompson of Dewittville, Melinda Larson of Jamestown, Jessica Hunt of Lakewood, Sarah Crump of Richburg; A.S.-Individual Studies - Bethany Hall and Ashley Senske of Ashville, Justin Hallett of Brocton, Kelli Hanson of Cambridge, MA, Franny Babbitt of Caneadea, Daniel Ganoung of Ceres, Bianca Campese and Morgan Sebouhian of Dunkirk, Kimberly Klupacs of Fairport, Candace Luce of Forestville, Angela Benz of Franklinville, Alissa Berg of Gerry, Shelia Benson, Amanda Grodecki, Richard Pollino, Brittany Sargent, and Diana Senske of Jamestown, Guy Rundle of Jamestown and London, England, Elyse Johnson of Lakewood, Laila White of Olean, Matthew Hall of Randolph, Sarah Lundmark of Russell, PA, Jamie Schroeder of Sinclairville, Matthew West of South Dayton; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Childhood Education - Mackenzie Caldwell and Sarah Mott of Jamestown, Maria Pierce of Salamanca; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescence Education - Rebecca Russell of Collins, Robert Bova, Alyshia Moore, Alyssa Raimondo, Kyle Rensel, and Kaitlyn Whitney of Jamestown, Lindsey Buck of Kennedy, Sarah Schmitz of Mayville, Andrew Lyon of Sherman, Laurie Dutton of Sinclairville; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Early Childhood Education - Kellie Ganoung of Ceres, Andrea Claire of Franklinville, Kira Spencer of Frewsburg, Lianne Carll of Olean; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science - Benjamin Siegel of Bemus Point, James Wilson of Cattaraugus, Mariah Wild of Cuba, Shantell Kopeczi-Bocz of Davie, FL, Andrew Eklum, Karen Magnuson, and Michael Marsh of Jamestown, Jordan Devereaux of Kennedy, Julie Frye of Sherman, Paul Lewis of Wake Forest, NC, Noelle Lyszaz of Youngsville, PA; A.S.-Media Arts - Andrew Card and Amanda Saddler of Jamestown, Cameron Lewis of Olean; A.S.-Physical Education Studies - Andrew Robertson of Jamestown,  Randall Johnson of Lakewood; A.A.S.-Business-Accounting - Brittany Dzielski of Portville; A.A.S.-Business-Business Administration - Mindy Weaver of Bemus Point, Courtney Swartz of Mount Jewett, PA (who also earned an A.A.S.-Medical Office Technology), Courtney Sprout of Portville; A.A.S.-Criminal Justice-Police - Robert Burrell of Cassadaga, Daniel Waasdorp of Little Valley; A.A.S.-Human Services - Tammy Raimondo of Jamestown, Gina Larrabee of Little Genesee, Marlene Field of Randolph; A.A.S.-Individual Studies - Courtney Vassar of Bliss, Michele Hallmark of Dunkirk, Allen Austin and Joseph Teresi of Jamestown; A.A.S.-Information Technology - Darren Silverburg of Kennedy; A.A.S.-Mechanical Technology - Brian Madurski of Dunkirk; A.A.S.-Medical Office Technology - Rita Bielinski and Juli Walker of Allegany, Charles Daly of Cattaraugus, Pamela Wojcinski and Lynn Ziegler of Dunkirk, Bobbie Seastrum of Jamestown, Wendy Whittington of Lakewood, Teegan Forness of Olean, Rachel Morrison of Westfield; A.A.S.-Nursing - Linda Schummer and Kristine Wilson of Allegany, Kimberly Wilkens of Brocton, Kathleen Songster of Coudersport, PA, Donna Bloomquist, Kimberly Miller, and Karen Waterman of Jamestown, Jacie Little of Limestone, Jan Rohwer, Renee Schulze, and Jennifer Taylor-Johnson of Olean, Keri Beadle of Westfield; A.A.S.-Occupational Therapy Assistant - Melanie Schoonover of Duke Center, PA, Natalie Bellardo of Jamestown, Taylor Meacham of South Dayton, Anna Haupin of Warren, PA; A.A.S.-Office Technology - Patricia Marlin of Salamanca; Certificate-Individual Studies - Amanda Martin of Dunkirk; Certificate-Law Enforcement Technology - Mitchell Cowen of Jamestown, Jason Boon of Olean, Smith of Randolph, Matthew Warner of Sherman; Certificate-Office Technology - Barbara Chase of Cherry Creek.

Honors (representing a grade point average of 3.25 to 3.49): A.A.-Individual Studies - Jamie Budzinski of Ashville, Haley Erickson of Bemus Point; A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities - Jason Cline of Jamestown; A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science - Mason Maynard of Allegany, Brittney Perry of Belmont, Jessica Rowley and Courtney Whitford of Frewsburg, Katlyn Ogden of Olean, Leah Doty of Portville, Megan Williams of Warren, PA; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science - Jonathan Alm of Jamestown; A.S.-Business-Business Administration - Brittany Schutt of Ashville, Sean Peters, Alexandra Schuver, and Robert Sundquist of Jamestown, Melissa Jackson of Kane, PA, Ann Forness of Olean; A.S.-Communications - Paige Walgus of Gowanda; A.S.-Criminal Justice - Korey Carlson of Ashville, Lonnie Farrington of Franklinville, Ryan Schank of Fredonia, Maxwell Murray of Jamestown, Derek Leblanc of Kill Buck, Rachel Jacoby of Little Valley, Dustin Chesbro of Silver Creek, Caleb Hepler of Sugar Grove, PA; A.S.-Fine Arts: Music - Michael Staley of Olean, Julie Hunsinger of Pittsford; A.S.-Fine Arts: Studio Arts - Sarah Modica of Falconer; A.S.-Human Services - Deseree Richter of Jamestown, Cassondra Beverly of Little Valley; A.S.-Individual Studies - Amanda Jensen of Ashville, Kimberly Derk of Cattaraugus, Cole Green of Conewango Valley, Kaylene Kalfas of Dunkirk; Lindsey Pett and Crystal Rivera of Fredonia, Joshua Clark, Michelle Moore, James Overfield, and Cassandra Smith of Jamestown, Ariel Kellogg and Hannah Paddock of Lakewood, Steven Wilczak of Olean, Jennifer Sard of Panama, Katharine Roosa of Salamanca, Adrienne Pelz of Silver Creek; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Childhood Education - Jessica Kelwaski of Cattaraugus, Mercedes Breen of Jamestown, Meghan Hayden of Westfield; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescence Education - Daniel Heitzenrater of Gerry, Melinda Arrance of Kennedy; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Early Childhood Education - Samantha McStraw of Olean; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science - Patrick Steffan of Allegany, Jordan Flint of Ashville, Ashleigh Olson of Dewittville, Trever Annis of Frewsburg, Matthew Marchincin of Jamestown; A.S.-Media Arts - Jessica Mirek of Silver Creek; A.S.-Physical Education Studies - Luke Laquay of Cattaraugus, Amy Bimber of Jamestown; A.A.S.-Business-Accounting - Matthew Elliott of Ellington; A.A.S.-Business-Business Administration - Josh Siliano of Ashville; A.A.S.-Criminal Justice-Police - Craig Pataye of Franklinville; A.A.S.-Digital Computer Technology - Richard Simon of Dewittville; A.A.S.-Human Services - Sandra Golden of Jamestown; A.A.S.-Individual Studies - Kelly Lippert of Allegany, Keera Newhouse of Gerry, Theresa Gandy of Jamestown, Debra Patch of Jamestown, Helen Calanni of Plano, TX; A.A.S.-Medical Office Technology - Stacy Lawton of Cherry Creek, Deborah Cournean of Frewsburg, Sheila Weber of Jamestown, Rena Phearsdorf of Salamanca; A.A.S.-Nursing - Elisabeth Baglia of Ashville, Elizabeth Steffen of Bemus Point, Pamela Rinfrette of Bradford, PA, Kaleena Groff of Derrick City, PA, Rachel Barbaritz and Eric DePasquale of Dunkirk, Patricia James of Eldred, PA, Cheryl Messina of Forestville, Karin Jochen of Franklinville, Cindra Johnson of Gerry, Francesca Parry of Hinsdale, Catherine Kirk and Samantha Perez of Olean, Delise Bird of Ripley, Cassandra Fessenden of Roulette, PA, Susan Betts of Warren, PA; A.A.S.-Occupational Therapy Assistant - Jennifer Quintana, Susan Strandburg, and Kacyn Stufflebeam of Frewsburg; A.A.S.-Office Technology - Alexandra Casselman of Machias; A.A.S.-Welding Technology - Jerry Stanford of Jamestown; Certificate-Law Enforcement Technology - Zachary Eaton of Allegany, Korinne Best of Jamestown, Kyle Mann of Randolph; Certificate-Office Technology - Erica Cruz of Jamestown.

Other graduates include: A.A.-Individual Studies - Jason Kricheldorf of Dunkirk, Laura Tilburg of Fredonia, Joshua Austin of Portville; A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities - Leeann Hoernig of Bolivar, Kelly Mee of Falconer; A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science - Mary Miller of Ashville, Brittany Dunn of Brocton, Brittney Paulus of Dewittville, Gary Gallaway, Ashley Haase, and Kathryn Mackowiak of Dunkirk, Michael Sandquist of Falconer, David Grinsell of Franklinville, Nicole Anderson and Laurin Privateer of Fredonia, Joshua Asel, Angelo Colaiacovo, Jason Dunn, Andrew Kolstee, Drew Merchant, Lucas Olson, Brooke Paulson, and Jennifer Schneider of Jamestown, Sabrina Zabala of Lakewood, Jennifer Otto of Lewis Run, PA, Brittany Senko of Mayville, Alexander Mager and Allison Woodin of Salamanca, Gretchen Schroeder of Silver Creek, Brandi-Lynn McKee, Douglas Nuhfer, and Tessa Rice of Warren, PA; A.S.-Business-Business Administration - Benjamin Abbate of Ashville, Michael Mirek of Dunkirk, Benjamin Fellows, Samuel Price, and Brian Zampogna of Jamestown, Casey Baker of Kennedy, Amanda Carlson of Olean, Alesa Smith of Ripley; A.S.-Computer Science - Ryan Chizewick of Olean, David Green of Westfield; A.S.-Criminal Justice - Brian Fanton of Belmont, Timothy Jackson of Cattaraugus, Cody Youngs of Ceres, Ronald Morley of Dayton, Monica Kujawa and Suheil Vega of Dunkirk, Corey Short of Falconer, Ashley Mills of Fillmore, Eric Krone of Forestville, D. Jordan West and Alex Yemelyanov of Fredonia, Jonathan Strong of Frewsburg, Maxwell Lewis of Friendship, Theodore Ruttenbur of Gerry, Dana Kapuscinski and Jayla Rodriguez of Jamestown, Christopher Barnard and Amber Hoffman of Olean, Joseph Minton of Randolph, Donna Cummings of Wellsville, Philip Cunningham of Westfield, Nicholas Fronczak of Williamsville; A.S.-Fine Arts: Studio Arts - Katie Chriscaden, Ashley Ordines, Linda Rasmussen, Kaylea Stoeltzing, and Catherine Walsh of Jamestown, Hannah Curtis of Warren, PA; A.S.-Human Services - Cynthia Himelein Dietzen of Celoron, Kari Huels of Dunkirk, Emily Hatch of Franklinville, Mazie Britton of Frewsburg, Carol Shoup of Hinsdale, Aldo Amoroso of Jamestown, Lucinda Dulmus-Dye of Lakewood, Angela Ritchie and Dorothy Wohlhueter of Olean, Shelly Gross of Salamanca, Samantha Harrington of Stockton (who also earned a Certificate-Early Childhood Development); A.S.-Individual Studies - Karin Appleby of Allegany, Daniel Burns of Ashville, Emilee Rowland of Boliva, Courtney Comstock of Brocton, Scott Wilson of Celoron, Kristin Baldwin of Cherry Creek, Katelyn Kerker of Collins, Brendyn Mosher of Conewango Valley, Kylene Lathrop of Crosby, PA, Megan Bagley of Cuba, Taylor Bankoski, Lindsey Bauza, Hannah Burrows, Katie Civiletto, Matthew Eaker, and Mara Leone of Dunkirk, Skylar Carlson and Sydney Yachetta of Falconer, Cody Calato, Tiffany Cronin, and Matthew Polvino of Fredonia, Lindsey Beckstrom, Ashley Eckholm, and Stephanie Rogers of Frewsburg, Brandy Schneider of Friendship, Benjamin Brooks of Forestville, Sireno Bello, Brittany Bowman, Mathew Cardinale, Ryan Cunningham, Nancie Gerrish, Lindsay Head, Alexandre Jacques, Joseph Kinem, Marcus McAffee, Hannah Monroe, Jennifer Overfield, Tyler Scott, Ryan Soderberg, and Ashley Stafford of Jamestown, Kristina Hallquist and Christy Stohl of Kennedy, Olivia Wines of Mayville, Rachelle Boyd, Rebecca Cleveland, Rita MacKay, and Adrienne Saleh of Olean, Annie Gribble of Panama, Devin Kio and Sybil Taylor of Port Allegany, PA, Louise Oeckinghaus of Portland, Joshua Miller and Craig Newman of Randolph, Katelyn Armison of Rushford, Sabrina Gilman and Adam Stone of Salamanca, Maggie Mason of Sherman, Shianne Snyder of Sinclairville, Devin Erdmann of South Dayton, Jacob Newberry of Troupsburg (who also earned a Certificate-Digital Audio Production), Alicia Reich of Warren, PA, Chayanne Aguilar and Debra White of Westfield; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Childhood Education - Brandon Wilson of Frewsburg, Kaitlin Gorman of Greenhurst; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescence Education - Kaitlyn Wescott of Ashville, Michael Ball of Falconer, Nathalie York of Fredonia, Chelsea Schifano of Jamestown, Christopher Burt of Mayville; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Early Childhood Education - Cortney North of Collins, Inez Gonzalez of Dunkirk, Alex Berdine and Cara D'Angelo of Jamestown; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science - Caroline Griffith of Bemus Point, Steth Orlando and Benjamin Steubing of Falconer, Shawn Himes and Jacob Hyldahl of Frewsburg, Timothy Wilson of Hinsdale, Elizabeth Peters and Sarah Wells of Jamestown; A.S.-Media Arts - Michelle Kuzawski of Brocton, Katelyn Illingworth of Lakewood, Brandon Whitaker of Syracuse; A.S.-Physical Education Studies - Ryan Lucas of Bemus Point, Adam Puleo of Lakewood; A.A.S.-Business-Business Administration - Michael John of Allegany, Robert Tompkins of Jamestown, Albert Dibble of Olean, Nichole Allman of Portville, Emily McNeill of Sinclairville, Mallory Farnham of Stockton, James Loree of Warren, PA (who also earned an A.A.S.-Individual Studies); A.A.S.-Computer Information Systems - Sonia Ortolano of Fredonia, David Valentine of Hopewell Junction; A.A.S.-Criminal Justice-Police - Joshua Sekuterski and Steven Wells of Cassadaga, Jared Hinman of Ellicottville, Joseph Frentz of Little Valley, Kristen Gordon of Olean; A.A.S.-Digital/Computer Technology - Shane Sample of Bemus Point, Samuel Rieder of Sugar Grove, PA; A.A.S.-Human Services - Nicole O'Brien of Celoron, James Padlo of Olean (who also earned an A.A.S.-Individual Studies); A.A.S.-Individual Studies - Michael Billgren and Tara Johnson of Bemus Point, Erin Stewart of Brocton, Tammy Whalen of Conewango Valley, Christa Wright of Dunkirk, Jessica Eddy of Erie, PA, Christopher Grossman of Falconer, Beth Moyer of Frewsburg, Cindy Maltbie of Gowanda, Elizabeth Lute of Hinsdale, Donald Abramson and Lauren Caldwell of Jamestown, Tamara Case of Lakewood, Brittany Livoto of Olean, Jason Fairbanks of Perrysburg, Chris Hutchison of Salamanca, Trevor Austin and Holly Garden of Shinglehouse, PA, Jose Caraballo of Silver Creek, Shelby Reagle of Sinclairville, John Jones of Warren, PA; A.A.S.-Information Technology - Douglas Nelson of Greenhurst, Wesley Kuzminski of Pittsfield, PA; A.A.S.-Mechanical Technology - Douglas Rishel of Celoron, Douglas Grey of Jamestown, Scott Mighells of Randolph; A.A.S.-Medical Office Technology - Andrea Medina of Dunkirk, Jasmine Gayton and Kimberly Light of Olean, Tina Drabert of Roulette, PA, Brandi Murray of Wellsville; A.A.S.-Nursing - Brittney Histed of Belfast, Sandra Borucki of Bemus Point, Johanna Conklin of Bolivar, Ashley Lancaster of Cassadaga, Mary Johnson of Clarendon, PA, Kayla Korbar of Collins, Susan Gordnier of Coudersport, PA, Rose Williams of Derrick City, PA, Keilen Korzenski and Julie Weaver of Dunkirk, Miguel Colon and Melinda Young of Falconer, Jennifer Howard of Franklinville, Timothy Borzilleri and Anna Domedion of Fredonia, Amanda Petrie of Friendship, Abbi Stiles of Gerry, Andriah Emery of Gowanda, Sidney Lindell of Great Valley, Ruth Spitman of Irvine, PA, Emily Fuchs of Irving, Neisha Anderson, Samantha Anderson, Clairessa Coleson, Shannon Coleson, Nathan Dossey, Alison Espin of Jamestown, Nicole Hinderleider of Jamestown, Crystal Kinne, Amy McCaffrey, Gregory Poynton, and Casey Smith of Jamestown, Tammy DeVlieger, Christina Gee, and Jessica Tischer of Lakewood, Meegan Maples of Little Genesee, Christopher Benson, Faith Hustak, and Roger Johnson of Olean, Kelly Burdic, Suzanne English, and Roxanne Spengler of Randolph, Brian Benjamin and Jessica Benjamin of Salamanca, Kymberly Fox of Sheffield, PA, Virginia King, Heather Redlecki, and Shaina Reynolds of Sherman, Stacy Ode and Danielle Osterhout of Stockton, Krista Davis of Swoyersville, PA, Holly Payne of Tidioute, PA, Marc Goldthwaite, Michael Kifer, and John Rice of Warren, PA; A.A.S.-Occupational Therapy Assistant - Jared Caruso and Rachel Latone of Bemus Point, Maureen McMullen of Cuba, Thomas Christensen of Falconer, Emily Woodward of Forestville, Matthew Jones, Heather Lepley, and Cynthia Lindberg of Jamestown, Michele Compton of Mayville, Erica Miller of Sinclairville; A.A.S.-Professional Piloting - Brian Chase of Mt. Pleasant, SC; A.A.S.-Welding Technology - Alan Knapp of Scio; Certificate-CAD/CNC - Teresa Walker of Jamestown; Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology - Matthew Stuczynski of Fredonia; Certificate-Early Childhood Development - Debra Winter of Jamestown; Certificate-Individual Studies - Emily Cornell of Bemus Point, Theresa Baron of Fredonia, Hannah Reynolds of Salamanca; Certificate-Information Technology - Philip Torti of Rochester; Certificate-Law Enforcement Technology - Joseph Cottone of Allegany, James Hare of Bemus Point, Mark Baglia of Jamestown, Justina Preston of Mayville , Matthew Sirianni of Olean, Justin Peterson of Stockton; Certificate-Medical Office Technology - Elysia Gens of Dunkirk.

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