Thursday, June 29, 2017 - 3:30pm

A total of 510 students earned degrees and certificates in May 2017. Highest honors represents a 4.0 grade point average, high honors a 3.50 to 3.99 GPA, and honors a 3.25 to 3.49 GPA.
Allegany Amanda Bradley (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Edward Dennis (A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Jacqueline Fahy (A.A.S.: Nursing), Ashley Finefrock (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Alisha Giardini (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Lindsay Kranick (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Chelsea McCann (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Kylie Schuman (A.S.: Individual Studies)

Alma Lorianna Niemirow Quackenbush (A.S.: Individual Studies-High Honors)

Amityville Jean Toussaint (A.A.S.: Individual Studies-Honors)

Andover Amber Niedermaier (A.A.S.: Nursing-Highest Honors)

Angelica Charlee Cobin (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration-High Honors)

Ashville Laramie Ball (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-High Honors), Meghan Chase (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors), Alyssa Fardink (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant), Sena Fardink (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-Honors), Kristin Johnson (A.S.: Fine Arts: Studio Arts-Honors), Kaitlin McMaster (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration-Honors), Michael Rensel (A.S.: Computer Science), Lauren Tordella (A.S.: Individual Studies), Damean Williams (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics)

Bear Lake, PA Abagail Downs (A.A.S.: Individual Studies-Highest Honors)

Belfast Barbara Gordon (A.A.S.: Medical Office Technology-High Honors)

Belmont Timothy Butler (A.S.: Media Arts-High Honors), Shelby Francisco (A.S.: Communication-High Honors), Daesha Plummer (A.A.S.: Criminal Justice-Police), Katelyn Zajicek (A.S.: Human Services)

Bemus Point Jonathan Anderson (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors), Nicole Berg (A.A.S.: Nursing), Chase Helgren (A.S.: Individual Studies-High Honors), Seth Snyder (A.S.: Fine Arts: Studio Arts-High Honors)

Bolivar Caitlynn Barkley (A.A.S.: Nursing), Jennifer Bowen (A.A.S.: Medical Office Technology), Briana Collins (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-High Honors)

Bradford, PA Brheana Breese (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Sara Fox (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Daniel Kermick (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Jennifer Oxley (A.A.S.: Nursing), Brianna Pattison (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Jessica Rankin (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Shana Switzer (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Tammy Howard (A.A.S.: Nursing)

Brocton Nicole Arnold (A.S.: Individual Studies), Christian Fuentes (A.S.: Individual Studies), Tammy Kuznicki (A.S.: Human Services), Kelly Miller (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics), Nicole Stewart (A.S.: Human Services)

Bronx Ivan Bernardez (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Kalimah Jefferson-Webb (A.S.: Business-Business Administration)

Brooklyn Ibn Cueto Alston (A.A.S.: Welding Technology), Tyler Phillips (A.A.S.: Individual Studies)

Buffalo Amity Law (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-Honors), Philip Missana (A.S.: Business-Business Administration)

Caneadea Jessica Strauss (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration)

Cassadaga Tyson Gugino (A.A.S.: Individual Studies and Certificate- Law Enforcement Technology), Alicia Guichard (A.S.: Individual Studies), Michael Lancaster (A.A.S.: Mechanical Technology-High Honors and A.S.: Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Benjamin Logan (A.S.: Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Ashlee Skinner (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-High Honors), Rhoada Smith (A.A.S.: Business-Accounting-High Honors), Arlene Tariq (A.S.: Human Services-High Honors), Joshua Williams (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-High Honors), Alycia Willoughby (A.S.: Human Services-Highest Honors)

Cattaraugus Alyssia Goodwill (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors), Rene Solem (A.A.S.: Nursing)

Chaffee Tyler VanOcker (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities-High Honors)

Chenini Gabes, Tunisia Ala Eddine Bahri (Certificate- Computer-Aided Design & Computer Numerical Control)

Cherry Creek Kaitlyn Hoth (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-High Honors), Austin King (A.A.S.: Mechanical Technology-Honors), Nikole Lindquist (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors)

Cincinnati, OH Morgan Bellamy (A.A.S.: Medical Office Technology)

Clymer Matthew Destevens (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Christine Reinwald (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors), Brandon Vogel (A.S.: Criminal Justice-High Honors)

Cooperstown Heather Zimba (A.S.: Environmental Science-Highest Honors and A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-Highest Honors)

Corning Rachel Epp (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors)

Corry, PA Jessica Fahey (A.A.S.: Business-Accounting)

Coudersport, PA Mary Hogan (A.A.S.: Nursing)

Cuba Sarah Carey (A.S.: Biotechnology-Highest Honors), Jonathan Cledgett (Certificate- Entrepreneurship-High Honors), Jillian Deschler (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Mercedes Gordon (A.S.: Human Services), Krystal Laird (A.S.: Individual Studies),Damon Logue (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Tracy Rich (A.A.S.: Business-Accounting-High Honors), Brian Ward (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-High Honors), Rob Wight (A.S.: Business-Business Administration)

Custer City, PA Melissa Kemick (A.A.S.: Individual Studies)

Delevan Christine Decosta (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors)

Denver, CO Ashleigh Olson (A.A.S.: Computer Information Systems-Honors)

Depew Madeline Porsley (A.S.: Individual Studies-High Honors)

Derby Samantha Allerton (A.A.S.: Criminal Justice-Police-High Honors), Courtney Mount (A.A.S.: Criminal Justice-Police-Honors)

Dewittville Jeremy Evans (A.A.S.: Criminal Justice-Police), Callie Girdlestone (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors)

Dunkirk Sydney Bajdas (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescence Education-High Honors), Sky Brown (A.A.S.: Medical Office Technology), Britney Campbell (A.S.: Human Services-Honors), Lacey Clark (Certificate- Law Enforcement Technology-High Honors), Esther Cobb (A.S.: Human Services), Belinda Coniglio (A.A.S.: Medical Office Technology), Alexis Crino (A.A.S.: Individual Studies-High Honors), Garrett Crowell (A.A.S.: Mechanical Technology-Honors), Evan Davis (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Brenda Dejesus (A.S.: Human Services), Angel Doner (Certificate- Medical Office Technology), Dennis Goodwin (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Brandon Haase (A.A.S.: Individual Studies-Honors), Joseph Hallmark (Certificate- Law Enforcement Technology-High Honors), Arielle Holmes (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Nicholas Kobel (A.S.: Communication), Brianna Leber (A.S.: Human Services-High Honors), Jason Marin (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration-Honors), Karen McDonald-Abraham (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors), Alyssa McKillip (A.A.S.: Nursing), Tyler Mekus (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics), Vanessa Pagan (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors), Nohemi Ramirez (A.S.: Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Kyleigh Rivera (A.A.S.: Nursing), Alexis Rodriguez (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Terese Shaffer (Certificate- Medical Office Technology-High Honors), Casey Surma (A.S.: Individual Studies-Honors), Dylan Wight (A.A.S.: Information Technology-High Honors), Roger Woodcock Jr (Certificate- Industrial Equipment Technology), Kimberly Yannie (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors)

East Otto Maria Anderson (A.A.S.: Nursing)

Eden Madison Glaser (Certificate- Medical Office Technology)

Eldred, PA Danielle Decasper (A.A.S.: Individual Studies-Honors), Sara Hillyard (A.S.: Human Services-High Honors)

Ellicottville Megan Morlock (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors)

Ellington Kevin Wise (Certificate- Law Enforcement Technology)

Elmira Tyler Moffe (A.A.S.: Individual Studies)

Emporium, PA Jennifer Clements (A.A.S.: Medical Office Technology-Honors)

Erie, PA Lydia Sposato (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities)

Evans Aaron Krawczyk (A.A.S.: Nursing)

Falconer Gavin Beaumont (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Edward Bowers (Certificate- Industrial Equipment Technology), Emily Brown (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-High Honors), Michael Bush (A.S.: Fine Arts: Studio Arts), Ryan Dustin (A.S.: Criminal Justice-High Honors), Kristopher Nelson (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Kristin Peterson (A.S.: Media Arts-High Honors), Andrew Young (A.S.: Computer Science), Jacob Youngberg (A.A.S.: Welding Technology-High Honors)

Forestville David Boland (Certificate- Industrial Equipment Technology), Shirley Parsell (Certificate- Early Childhood Development)

Franklinville Hayley Scott (A.A.S.: Human Services), Megan VanArsdale (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-High Honors)

Fredonia Alec Ambrose (A.S.: Engineering Science-High Honors), Jacob Berger (Certificate- Law Enforcement Technology-Honors), Jovelyn Binkiwitz (A.A.S.: Business-Accounting-High Honors), Kelly Cain (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), Joshua Carlson (A.S.: Individual Studies), Brittany Collins (A.A.S.: Nursing), Denise Crofoot (Certificate- Medical Office Technology-High Honors), Kari Fenton (A.A.S.: Nursing), Randall Howlett (A.A.S.: Human Services-High Honors), Preslie Johnson (A.S.: Individual Studies), Ranae Leinenbach (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors), Katherine Meckes (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics), Felicia Nichols (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), Mikaela Oldenburg (A.S.: Individual Studies-High Honors), Tyler Pett (Certificate- Law Enforcement Technology-High Honors), Wanda Schultz (A.A.S.: Nursing), Amanda Seekings (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors), John Seekings (A.A.S.: Business-Accounting), Deborah Sissem (Certificate- Early Childhood Development-High Honors), Kayla Voss (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), Ryan Wysong (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration-Honors)

Frewsburg Nicole Auge (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Ellen Covey (A.S.: Human Services-Honors), Dawn Golden (A.S.: Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Tina Graham (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Megan Greene (A.S.: Individual Studies-High Honors), Greta Gustafson (A.S.: Media Arts-Highest Honors), Calvin Hartson (A.A.S.: Information Technology), Nickolas Holsinger (A.S.: Criminal Justice), Abbey Jermain (A.S.: Human Services-High Honors), Ryker Maddox (A.S.: Individual Studies), Sara Marg (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors), Carli Marsh (A.S.: Media Arts-High Honors), Ryan Schoonover (A.A.S.: Welding Technology), Taegan Smith (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-High Honors), Garrett Steel (A.A.S.: Criminal Justice-Police), Kelly Thompson (A.A.S.: Nursing), Joshua Watson (A.A.S.: Criminal Justice-Police-High Honors), Maddison Whippo (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Childhood Education-Honors)

Friendship Abigail Congdon (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities-High Honors), Rachael Dieter (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Brendon Hall (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration-High Honors)

Gerry Molly Barton (A.S.: Human Services-High Honors), Matthew Dunderdale (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-Honors), Brooke Johnson (A.S.: Human Services-High Honors), Rebecca Rothleder (A.S.: Individual Studies)

Gloversville Brandon Young (A.A.S.: Computer Information Systems-High Honors)

Gowanda Meghan Lulas (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), Elyssa Poff (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), Jordan Young (A.S.: Physical Education Studies-Honors)

Great Valley Ashley Kelbaugh (A.A.S.: Business-Accounting)

Henrietta Matthew Denton (A.A.S.: Welding Technology-Honors and Certificate- Welding Technology-Honors)

Hinsdale Michelle Oakley (A.S.: Human Services)

Irving Rosalie Pelz (A.S.: Human Services-Honors), Anna Ward (A.A.S.: Individual Studies-High Honors), Abigail Weaver (A.A.S.: Nursing)

Jamaica Ryan Chung (A.S.: Individual Studies)

Jamestown Hazim Al Qaisiah (A.A.S.: Individual Studies-Honors), Madison Alexander (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-High Honors), Kathryn Andalora (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Early Childhood Education-High Honors), David Anderson (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Molly Anderson (A.S.: Individual Studies-High Honors), Morgan Anderson (A.S.: Communication-High Honors), Gerline Andre (A.A.S.: Nursing), Joseph Bergman (A.A.S.: Welding Technology), Elizabeth Brunecz (A.A.S.: Individual Studies-High Honors), Konnor Bryant (A.S.: Criminal Justice), Bryan Burham (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Cassandra Butler (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), Ashley Butman (A.S.: Physical Education Studies-Honors), Kristen Capron (A.S.: Fine Arts: Studio Arts-High Honors), Mandy Conti (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Michael Conti (A.S.: Individual Studies), Hunter Corrigan (A.S.: Individual Studies-High Honors), Gregory Cross (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-High Honors), Nicholas Crossley (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics), Nicholas D'Angelo (A.S.: Individual Studies), Felix DeJesus (Certificate- Law Enforcement Technology-Honors), Justine Dillon (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), Tomisina Dolecki (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Aaron Dunlap (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Emilia Dunn (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors), Corinne Edwards (A.S.: Physical Education Studies), Summer Elder (A.S.: Fine Arts: Studio Arts), Jesse Ernewein (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors and A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-High Honors), Amanda Feraldi (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescence Education-High Honors), Angelica Fulton (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), Arlette Gonzalez (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-Honors), Kierstyn Gordon (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), Carly Gould (A.S.: Media Arts), Ericka Gowan (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), Dustin Graziano (A.S.: Individual Studies-Honors), Morgan Greene (A.S.: Individual Studies), Evan Grey (A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Claire Griffith (A.S.: Individual Studies), Katherine Hallett (A.S.: Individual Studies-High Honors), Michelle Hedlund (A.S.: Individual Studies), Damaris Hicks (Certificate- Medical Office Technology), Damien Jackson (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Drake Johnson (A.A.S.: Computer Information Systems-High Honors and A.A.S.: Information Technology-High Honors and A.S.: Computer Science-High Honors), Shelby Kalfas (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-Honors), Patrick Kelley (A.S.: Computer Science), John Kelwaski (A.S.: Engineering Science-Honors), Lisa Kennedy (A.A.S.: Nursing), Jessica Kennelley (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Andrew Latona (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-High Honors), Mariah Lawson (A.S.: Individual Studies-Honors), Kyle Liuzzo (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), David Lobb (A.S.: Environmental Science), Julia Lombardo (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-High Honors), Jasmine Lord (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Hannah Lorenc (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-High Honors), Kaitlyn Loverme (A.A.S.: Nursing), Brayton Lydell (A.S.: Media Arts-High Honors), Matthew Mack (A.A.S.: Nursing), Nolan Margaglio (A.S.: Communication-Honors), Nicholas Marshall (A.A.S.: Mechanical Technology-Honors), Shawn Martin (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Robert McAdoo (Certificate- Computer-Aided Design & Computer Numerical Control), Melissa McIntosh (A.A.S.: Nursing), Courtney McMahon (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Amber Meabon (A.S.: Biotechnology-High Honors), Colter Meabon (Certificate- Law Enforcement Technology-High Honors), Jaslin Medina (A.S.: Fine Arts: Studio Arts-High Honors), Aaron Mee (A.S.: Communication), Kaitlyn Melendez (A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Samantha Melice (A.S.: Individual Studies), Kyle Nazario (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics), Cory Nedell (A.S.: Media Arts), Emily Olds (A.S.: Environmental Science-High Honors), Cody Pacheco (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Sarah Parasiliti (A.S.: Biotechnology-High Honors), Sarah Pardue (A.S.: Business-Business Administration-Honors), Joshua Peters (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Clinton Peyton (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Adam Phillips (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities-High Honors), Chelsie Proper (A.S.: Individual Studies), Allyson Raimondo (A.A.S.: Medical Office Technology-High Honors), Martina Rasmussen (A.S.: Individual Studies), Rebecca Rew (A.S.: Environmental Science-High Honors), Valerie Reynolds (A.A.S.: Human Services), Kameron Rizzo-Walker (A.S.: Fine Arts: Studio Arts), Erin Roach (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Kellie Rodriguez (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors), Jesula Sanon (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Kristin Santana (A.A.S.: Medical Office Technology), Jade Shirey-Kingsbury (Certificate- Office Technology), Bresjae Smith (A.S.: Media Arts), Katie Smith (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Tyler Smith (A.A.S.: Welding Technology-High Honors), Benjamin Soto (A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Ala Eddine Souissi (Certificate- Computer-Aided Design & Computer Numerical Control), Brooke Stacey (A.A.S.: Welding Technology-High Honors), Jonathan Stafford (Certificate- Welding Technology), Connor Stam (A.A.S.: Criminal Justice-Police), Noah Storer (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics), Ashley Thompson (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), John Thompson (Certificate- Entrepreneurship), Irene Tyler (A.A.S.: Nursing), Jenna Valone (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-High Honors), Rebecca Van Tassel (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Breanne Veney (A.S.: Individual Studies), Joshua Ward (A.A.S.: Nursing), Noah Weinstein (A.S.: Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Michelle Weltikol (A.S.: Individual Studies), Kira Wilcox (A.S.: Criminal Justice-High Honors), Patrick Wilson (A.S.: Criminal Justice), Ian Winkelman (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Tiffany Woodcock (A.A.S.: Nursing), Jason Yonkers (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration)

Kane, PA Ashley Rolick (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors)

Kenmore Noah Whalen (A.A.S.: Individual Studies)

Kennedy Molly Arrance (A.A.S.: Individual Studies-Honors), Laura Swanson (A.S.: Human Services-High Honors)

Kill Buck Jaime Rosilio (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors)

Lakewood Alexander Beckerink (A.S.: Criminal Justice-High Honors), Michelle Bova (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Jared Brown (A.A.S.: Information Technology-High Honors), Courtney Dawson (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Alexandra Deponceau (A.S.: Environmental Science-High Honors), Tristan Desnerck (A.S.: Criminal Justice), Lisa Matteson (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors), Jacob Pilling (Certificate- Law Enforcement Technology-High Honors), Erika Shoup (A.S.: Individual Studies), Alexander Whittington (A.A.S.: Criminal Justice-Police), Carter Windoft (A.S.: Biotechnology-High Honors)

LeRoy Katherine Bastedo (A.A.S.: Business-Accounting-High Honors)

Lewis Run, PA Kelly Waid (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors)

Limestone Ashley Myers (A.S.: Individual Studies)

Little Valley Carrie Beuzenburg (A.S.: Communication-High Honors), Abigail Clark (A.S.: Fine Arts: Studio Arts), Britany Clark (A.A.S.: Medical Office Technology), Gabriel Grey (A.S.: Fine Arts: Music-Honors and Certificate- Digital Audio Production-Honors), Miranda Gross (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-High Honors), Andrew Hvizdzak (A.S.: Engineering Science-Highest Honors), Nicole VerHagen (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Daniel Wilson (A.S.: Business-Business Administration)

Machias Carey Gardiner (Certificate- Computer-Aided Design & Computer Numerical Control-High Honors), Alexander Glanowski (A.S.: Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Julie Reed (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors)

Manouba, Tunisia Ons Me Kni (Certificate- Computer-Aided Design & Computer Numerical Control)

Mayville Bridgette Akin (A.S.: Individual Studies), Todd Boberg (A.S.: Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Ashley Crandall (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-High Honors), Jennifer Fuller (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors), Robert Hoitink (A.A.S.: Mechanical Technology-High Honors and Certificate- Machine Tool Technology-High Honors), Chloe Kilmartin (A.S.: Individual Studies), Corey Klinger (A.A.S.: Nursing), Cody Latimer (A.S.: Environmental Science), Brittany Senko (A.A.S.: Nursing), Beth Textor (A.S.: Individual Studies), Hope Zielinski (A.S.: Business-Business Administration-Highest Honors)

Mount Jewett, PA John Shetler (A.A.S.: Welding Technology-Honors and Certificate- Welding Technology-Honors)

Newark Rebekah Proia (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors)

Olean Jadilyne Baca (A.A.S.: Office Technology), Bradley Baker (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration-High Honors and Certificate- Entrepreneurship-High Honors), Kyle Barr (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Eliza Brewer (A.S.: Criminal Justice), Amber Everitt (A.A.S.: Nursing), Bridget Grisewood (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), Kindle Gruber (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Ryan Gustafson (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Samantha Harris (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-High Honors), Debra Hartman (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-High Honors), Samantha Heba (A.A.S.: Business-Accounting-High Honors), Alexander Kruse (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-Honors), Rachael Lange (A.S.: Environmental Science), Cassey Lockwood (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), Rebecca Long (A.S.: Individual Studies-High Honors), Michael Lyons (Certificate- Computer-Aided Design & Computer Numerical Control), Creation Manz (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), Annette Marcellin (A.A.S.: Medical Office Technology-Honors), Julian Martinez (A.A.S.: Nursing), Amanda Mazzone (A.S.: Human Services), Jayde Miles (A.S.: Criminal Justice), Alexa Minard (A.A.S.: Nursing-Highest Honors), Saad Mirza (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-Highest Honors), Heidi Page (A.A.S.: Medical Office Technology-High Honors), Mario Penna (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Rachel Pfeiffer (A.S.: Biotechnology-High Honors), Destiney Portlow (A.S.: Criminal Justice), Paul Rankin (A.S.: Individual Studies-Honors), Kaeleigh Smith (A.A.S.: Nursing), Falyn Sweet (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), Lindsey Tilton (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Tara Tucker (A.A.S.: Nursing), Alexandra Woodworth (A.S.: Individual Studies-High Honors), Matthew Yanda (Certificate- Law Enforcement Technology), Erin Zlockie (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities-High Honors)

Panama Brooke Morton (A.A.S.: Nursing), Paige Munson (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors), Susan Rhodes (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors)

Pittsfield, PA Kristie Wagner (A.S.: Criminal Justice)

Port Allegany, PA Amber Cornell (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors)

Portland Michael Ruiz (A.S.: Human Services), Kenya Stanton (A.S.: Criminal Justice-High Honors)

Portville Chelsea Beemer (A.A.S.: Individual Studies-Honors), Samantha Coon (A.A.S.: Nursing), Megan Kent (A.A.S.: Business-Accounting-High Honors), Phylicia Patterson (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Alexa Peters (A.S.: Media Arts)

Randolph Cody Benson (A.A.S.: Nursing), John Brown (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics), Alex Chapman (A.S.: Engineering Science-High Honors), Benjamin Clinger (A.S.: Criminal Justice), Brittany Gates (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), Lisa Hadley (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Cody Hubbard (A.S.: Criminal Justice-High Honors), Maureen Kibbe (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), Derek Marsh (A.S.: Biotechnology-High Honors), Roxanne Oliverio (A.A.S.: Nursing), Ashley Pitchford (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescence Education-High Honors), Aliah Sample (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Childhood Education-High Honors), Lucas Sickles (Certificate- Computer-Aided Design & Computer Numerical Control), Andrew Wood (A.A.S.: Individual Studies)

Rockaway Park William Escobar (A.S.: Individual Studies-High Honors)

Russell, PA Jennifer Houghton (A.A.S.: Nursing), Lillian Lefebvre (A.S.: Individual Studies), Rachel Moller (A.S.: Fine Arts: Studio Arts-High Honors), Bailey Myers (A.A.S.: Nursing), Shania Spicer (A.S.: Individual Studies-High Honors)

Salamanca Jessica Camden (A.A.S.: Nursing), Katie Chamberlain (A.A.S.: Early Childhood-High Honors and Certificate- Early Childhood Development-High Honors), Hannah Dry (A.S.: Fine Arts: Music-High Honors), Karina Flagg (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Ashley Gerwitz (A.A.S.: Business-Accounting), Cheyenne Jackson (A.A.S.: Early Childhood-Honors and Certificate- Early Childhood Development-Honors), Clarice Jacobs (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), Bryant Johnson (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics), Jacqulyn Kalyan (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Kyle Koch (Certificate- Welding Technology), Martha Mall (A.A.S.: Business-Accounting-High Honors), Kimberly McLarney (A.A.S.: Nursing), Molly Pennell (A.S.: Individual Studies), Zachary Petrichko (Certificate- Law Enforcement Technology), Morgan Rozler (A.A.S.: Nursing)

Scio Courtney Aldrich (A.S.: Individual Studies-Honors), Teresa Blakney Randall (A.A.S.: Medical Office Technology), Ilissa Pangburn (A.S.: Criminal Justice)

Sfax, Tunisia Mehdi Ben Ameur (Certificate- Machine Tool Technology)

Sherman Jeremy Cole (A.S.: Engineering Science), Adrienne Frew (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Savannah Rowan (A.S.: Individual Studies)

Shinglehouse, PA Brianna Louser (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors)

Silver Creek Cheryl Azzarella (A.A.S.: Medical Office Technology-High Honors), Shannon Eggleston (A.A.S.: Nursing), Gina Hallmark (A.A.S.: Nursing), Andrew Monter (A.A.S.: Individual Studies), Kelly Ossman (A.A.S.: Nursing)

Sinclairville Erika Beichner (A.A.S.: Nursing), Charles Fairbanks (A.A.S.: Information Technology-Honors), Samantha Johnson (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant), Kari Macomb-Gustafson (A.S.: Human Services-Highest Honors), Dianna Monn (A.A.S.: Individual Studies-Honors), Olivia Pavlock (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Jacob Penhollow (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Dennis Thomas (A.A.S.: Nursing)

Smethport, PA Brianna Barnish (A.A.S.: Nursing), Tammy Kolivoski (A.A.S.: Nursing)

South Dayton Jillian Brunswick (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors), Kaleigh Brunswick (A.S.: Human Services-High Honors), Brianna Meacham (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Philip Salzman (A.A.S.: Information Technology-High Honors), Anderson Wittenbrook (A.A.S.: Mechanical Technology-High Honors), Adolf Zollinger (A.S.: Environmental Science-High Honors)

Springville Leah Ratterman (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-Highest Honors), Bryce Stedman (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration-High Honors)

Stockton Kelsey Crandall (A.A.S.: Early Childhood-Honors and Certificate- Early Childhood Development-Honors), Ashley Hazlett (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors), Joey Horton (A.S.: Human Services-High Honors)

Sugar Grove, PA Christina Abadie (A.S.: Human Services), Kiersten Ellis (A.S.: Human Services), Amy Robinault (A.A.S.: Nursing), Spencer Snyder (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Levi Stanko (A.A.S.: Criminal Justice-Police)

Syracuse Sage Lucas (A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Ann VanDoren (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors)

Tidioute, PA Kristin Kinnear (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors)

Tonawanda Nadia Durno (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors)

Warren, PA Alexandria Shrefler (A.A.S.: Nursing), Nicole Theuret (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors and A.S.: Individual Studies-High Honors), Siby Thomas (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-Highest Honors and A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities-Highest Honors)

Warsaw Madison Stellrecht (A.A.S.: Welding Technology-Highest Honors)

Wellsville Mercedes Brown (A.A.S.: Human Services), Mariah Greenman (A.S.: Criminal Justice-High Honors), Ashley Jennings (A.A.S.: Business-Business Administration), Jenisa Lehman (A.A.S.: Nursing-Honors), Sydney Wight (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-High Honors)

West Kill Monica Rosen (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant)

West Valley Callie McRae (A.A.: Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Economics-Honors)

Westfield Tanner Dahl (A.S.: Business-Business Administration-Honors), Olivia Knapp (A.A.S.: Medical Office Technology-High Honors), Rachel Quagliana (A.A.S.: Nursing-High Honors), Dylan Robinson (Certificate- Law Enforcement Technology-Honors), Melissa Sprague (A.A.S.: Occupational Therapy Assistant), Stephen Vasquez (A.S.: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Joseph Villafrank (A.S.: Criminal Justice), Brenna Wright (A.S.: Communication-High Honors)

Youngsville, PA Jenna Hooper (A.A.S.: Nursing), Bryce Sherrard (A.S.: Individual Studies)

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