Wednesday, June 22, 2016 - 3:28pm

A total of 509 students were awarded degrees or certificates from JCC’s Jamestown and Cattaraugus County campuses in May 2016. Highest honors represents a 4.0 grade point average, high honors a 3.50 to 3.99 GPA, and honors a 3.25 to 3.49 GPA.

Allegany Alexander Anzivine (A.S. Criminal Justice-Honors), Geoffrey Dodd (A.A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Kyle George (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Joshua Harrington (A.S. Criminal Justice), Bryan Jones (A.S. Criminal Justice), Zachary Lippert (Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology), Jeremy Pula (Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology), Travis Radomski (Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology-High Honors), Sean Robertson (A.A.S. Welding Technology and Certificate-Welding Technology-Honors)

Almond Crystal Meyers (A.S. Human Services)

Andover Racheal Whitesell (A.S. Human Services-High Honors)

Angelica Chelsea Halbert (A.S. Criminal Justice-Honors)

Angola Cashel Mulkins (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors)

Ashville Amber Fisher (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant), Mikayla Fuller (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Kelsey Johnson (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Daniel Odell (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Lindsey Stow (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-High Honors), Peter Williams (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-High Honors), Kennadee Woods (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Early Childhood Education-High Honors), Michael Yuchnitz (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science)

Averill Park Erin Boatwright (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant)

Ballston Lake Robert Coleman (A.A.S. Information Technology)

Bear Lake, PA Jenna Jordan (A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors)

Belfast Kayli Williams (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), Johnie Wilson (A.A.S. Individual Studies)

Belmont Rebecca Jamison (A.A.S. Human Services), Carrie Osterhout (A.A.S. Nursing)

Bemus Point Michael Billgren (A.A.S. Mechanical Technology), Ian Guarino (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Jared Hallberg (A.S. Engineering Science), Samantha Hallett (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Childhood Education-Honors), Nickara Liddell (A.S. Business-Business Administration-Highest Honors), Skyler Liddell (A.S. Physical Education Studies), Lucas Proctor (Certificate-Individual Studies-High Honors), Brenden Uhlig (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police)

Black Creek Timothy Asquith (A.S. Individual Studies)

Bolivar Trevor Colley (A.S. Computer Science-High Honors), Anna Morsman (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Alyssa Snyder (A.A.S. Nursing)

Bradford, PA Matthew Defibaugh (A.A.S. Information Technology), Katelyn Visbisky (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), Jennie White (A.A.S. Welding Technology and Certificate-Welding Technology), Michelle Whitmer (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors)

Brocton James Andin (A.S. Criminal Justice), Connor Dolce (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-High Honors), Jerry Jusko (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Elizabeth King (A.S. Criminal Justice-Honors), Mary Ann Wiberg (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors)

Bronx Geneva Cordova (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology), Kwabena King (A.S. Individual Studies), Kavon Simms (A.S. Criminal Justice)

Brooklyn Natiea Cannon (A.S. Computer Science), Shavana Davis (A.S. Individual Studies), Dimitri Jarrett (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police)

Cassadaga Nicholle Chase (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors), Christina McVaugh (Certificate-Digital Graphic Design & Publishing-High Honors), Nicholas Stern (A.S. Criminal Justice-Honors), Brandon Wise (A.S. Environmental Science-High Honors)

Cattaraugus Abigail Bailey (A.S. Human Services-High Honors), Felicia Blair (A.S. Media Arts), Riley Brumagin (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), Boone Exford (Certificate-Individual Studies-High Honors), Samantha Gross (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Luke Macakanja (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration), Rene Solem (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Erika Stang (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-High Honors), Haley Stevens (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors)

Celoron Toby Muoio (A.A.S. Mechanical Technology), Nena Whitmore (A.S. Individual Studies)

Centerville Tyler Wynn Covert (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police)

Central Islip Eric Vidal (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police)

Ceres Paige Baldwin (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors), Meagan Lewis (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Heather Youngs (A.A.S. Office Technology)

Cherry Creek Reece Bly (A.S. Computer Science-High Honors), Kaylee Hitchcock (A.S. Human Services-High Honors), Brittney Knowles (A.S. Environmental Science-High Honors), Stephanie Popielarz (A.S. Business-Business Administration-Honors)

Clymer Abigail Bayle (A.S. Individual Studies), Hannah Briggs (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant), Melissa Caflisch (Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology-High Honors), Timothy Carutis (A.A.S. Nursing), Zoe Howden (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Helicia Linton (A.S. Individual Studies), Caragen Nichols (A.S. Individual Studies), Morgan Watson (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Ekaterina Whitney (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors)

Collins Jonathan Bauer (A.S. Biotechnology)

Conewango Valley Samantha Emley (A.A.S. Nursing), Crystal Haskins (A.S. Human Services-High Honors), Monica Kenney (A.A.S. Early Childhood and Certificate-Early Childhood Development-High Honors)

Corry, PA Kody Kondrlik (A.A.S. Mechanical Technology)

Cuba Jake Bobseine (A.A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Hayley Fry (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-Highest Honors), Brenden Kellogg (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration), Karleen Moore (A.S. Criminal Justice), Paige Payne (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Christopher Steiner (A.A.S. Individual Studies and Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology), Eric Stolberg (A.S. Criminal Justice), Michael Williamson (A.S. Business-Business Administration)

Derby Danielle Kabel (A.S. Individual Studies)

Derrick, PA City Carter Nickel (A.S. Business-Business Administration)

Dewittville Adam Cummings (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Cheyann Doud (A.S. Biotechnology-High Honors), Travis Hansen (A.S. Criminal Justice)

Dunkirk Norma Bautista (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology), Felix Beras (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police), Justin Bradley (A.A.S. Nursing), Latrel Bruno (A.S. Criminal Justice), Tina Burau (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology), Alexis Clark (A.S. Human Services), Tyneatta Couser (A.S. Communication), Lindalee Diaz (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology), Kellie Dziduch (A.A.S. Nursing), Leslie Fafinski (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology), Kamesha Harvey (A.S. Individual Studies), Katrina Madros (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), Nicholas Morales (A.S. Criminal Justice-High Honors), La'Shonda Moreland (A.S. Criminal Justice), Marcy Paden (Certificate-Medical Office Technology), Matthew Palkovic (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors), Stephanie Rivas (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Crystal Rivera (A.A.S. Nursing), April Robert (A.A.S. Nursing), Sara Rosario (Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology), Jordan Sliwa (A.A.S. Nursing), Kevin Wunder (Certificate-Industrial Equipment Technology)

Eldred, PA Amanda Langfitt (A.A.S. Nursing)

Ellicottville Jordan Bund (A.S. Human Services), Frank Morlock (A.S. Human Services)

Ellington Lorri Johnson (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology-Honors)

Erie, PA Stephanie McNelis (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors)

Falconer Rachel Bialaszewski (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Thomas Fales (A.S. Individual Studies), Randi Greene (A.S. Individual Studies), Shannon Gunnell (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors), Danni Hannon (A.S. Human Services), Joshua Higgs (A.A.S. Mechanical Technology, Certificate-Computer-Aided Design & Computer Numerical Control, and Certificate-Machine Tool Technology-High Honors), Rakim Lesane (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Lindsay Maher (A.A.S. Nursing), Colter Meabon (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police-Honors), Matthew Overend (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Scott Roberts (A.S. Criminal Justice-High Honors), Brooke Shelley (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant), Kyle Taylor-Mcleggan (A.A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors)

Fillmore Samantha Borden (A.S. Human Services), Sara Nichols (A.A.S. Nursing)

Forestville Felicia Rebmann (A.S. Human Services-High Honors), Alisha Szumigala (A.S. Criminal Justice)

Franklinville Stacy Allen (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors), Dylan Baker (A.S. Criminal Justice-Honors), Johanna Farrand (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Jared Finch (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Lucas Green (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-Honors), Jillian Phillips (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors), Christopher Reuman (A.S. Biotechnology-Honors), Patrick Reuman (A.S. Biotechnology), Austin Vincent (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors)

Fredonia Keyshla Arce (A.S. Criminal Justice), Samantha Colston (A.S. Individual Studies), Aylssa Crespo (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-High Honors), Breanna Gibson (A.S. Criminal Justice-High Honors), Rhianna Johnson (A.S. Human Services-Honors), Mallory McCoy (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), Jonathon Pendl (A.S. Business-Business Administration), Heidi Powell (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), Collin Ruge (Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology), Ashley Seddon (A.S. Individual Studies), Matthew Sheridan (A.S. Engineering Science-High Honors), Connor Stone (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Ryan Strickland (Certificate-Computer-Aided Design & Computer Numerical Control and Certificate-Machine Tool Technology), Anna Vecchio (A.S. Media Arts-Honors), Sarah Zinni (A.S. Human Services-High Honors)

Frewsburg Connor Aitcheson (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescence Education-Honors), Jon Anderson (A.A.S. Information Technology), Jacob Annis (Certificate-Individual Studies), Tyler Conlan (Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology), Rachel Kidder (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors), Laura Sard (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors), Ryan Schoonover (Certificate-Welding Technology), Derek Smith (A.S. Communication-Honors), Derek Vaughn (A.A.S. Individual Studies, Certificate-Industrial Equipment Technology, and Certificate-Welding Technology-High Honors)

Friendship Linda Larson (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors), Serene Pierce (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors)

Gerry Joshua Atwell (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors)

Gifford, PA Shellie Blauser (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors)

Gowanda Hanna Brawdy (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors), Leah DeCarlo (A.S. Individual Studies), Dalton Francis (A.S. Individual Studies), Kimberlee King (A.S. Human Services), Rebecca McMullen (A.S. Human Services), Elizabeth Myers (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Renee Nosal (A.A.S. Nursing), Caicey Shea (A.A.S. Nursing), Matthew Shea (A.S. Human Services-High Honors)

Great Valley Chantel Perez (A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors)

Hamburg Jennifer Garry (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration), Jennifer Garry (Certificate-Entrepreneurship)

Hazel Hurst, PA Michael Nordin (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors)

Hinsdale John Bailey (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration), Kelly Cory (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Matthew Davis (A.A.S. Mechanical Technology-High Honors), Fawn Lauber (Certificate-Medical Office Technology-Honors), Jennifer Lyons (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors)

Irvine, PA Jessica Jones (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration)

Irving Taylor Law (A.S. Individual Studies)

Ischua Nicole Weber (A.A.S. Human Services-Honors)

Jamestown Andrew Ackley (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Amie Adams (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Anton Agafonov (A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Joshua Anderson (A.S. Computer Science-High Honors), Julia Anderson (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration), Nicholas Anderson (Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology-High Honors), Natasha Arce (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Rachael Arce (A.S. Individual Studies), Lucas Atwell (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-Honors), Cody Austin (A.S. Criminal Justice-High Honors), Nichole Bannister (A.S. Criminal Justice), Mark Banse-Fay (A.S. Individual Studies), Zachery Barnes (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Lisa Bastian (A.A.S. Nursing), Mariah Battle (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors), Andrew Becker (A.S. Biotechnology-Honors), Jordan Becker (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Daniel Benson (A.A.S. Information Technology), John Bergman (A.A.S. Welding Technology and Certificate-Machine Tool Technology), Jennifer Bernard (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology), Susanne Bloom (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology-Honors), Nicholas Butman (A.S. Computer Science-High Honors), Victoria Carlson (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Sara Castagnino (A.A.S. Early Childhood and Certificate-Early Childhood Development), Kayla Castro (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Megan Centi (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors), Nicholas Certo (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Alicia Coolbaugh (A.A.S. Nursing), Rachel Corbelli (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Chelsea Cotter (A.S. Biotechnology-High Honors), Kari Davis (A.S. Human Services), Jaclyn Denzel (A.A.S. Nursing), Adam Deuble (Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology), Bronson Edwards (A.S. Business-Business Administration), Morgan Everson (A.S. Individual Studies), Holly Filsinger (A.A. Global Studies-Highest Honors), Marisa Fisher (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), Kelly Fleming (A.A.S. Nursing), Alesha Fox (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Timothy Franzen (Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology-High Honors), Zoanne Gebhard (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities), Dylan Glatz (A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Amanda Hansen (A.S. Computer Science), Shelby Hetrick (A.S. Criminal Justice-Honors), Damaris Hicks (A.S. Individual Studies), Kent Hinderleider (A.S. Environmental Science-High Honors), Anna Holthouse (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science and Certificate-Office Technology), Dana Hultin (A.A.S. Human Services-Honors), Rachael Hummerich (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors), Alyssa Huntington (A.A.S. Individual Studies and Certificate-Medical Office Technology), Britta Johnson (A.S. Individual Studies), Derek Johnson (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-Honors), Gordon Johnson (A.A.S. Welding Technology and Certificate-Welding Technology-Honors), Jacob Johnson (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Jessica Kaczar (A.A.S. Nursing), Kaitlyn Knott (A.S. Individual Studies), Keith Kohlbacher (A.S. Individual Studies), Matthew Laird (A.A.S. Welding Technology and Certificate-Welding Technology-High Honors), Quoc Le-Tran (A.S. Biotechnology-Honors), William Livengood (A.A.S. Welding Technology), Matthew Lombardo (A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Elizabeth Lucas (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Samantha Macri (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Childhood Education), Heather Maher (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors), Ashley Marsh (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Childhood Education-High Honors), Deontae Martin (A.S. Individual Studies), Nekeisha McAdoo (A.A.S. Nursing), Holly McIntyre (A.A.S. Individual Studies-Highest Honors), Alicia Meek (A.S. Biotechnology), Collin Merchant (A.S. Criminal Justice), Caitlin Miller (A.A.S. Nursing), Jeffrey Miller (A.S. Business-Business Administration-Honors), Paul Mole (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-High Honors), Albert Molina Santiago (A.S. Individual Studies), Michelle Moore (A.A.S. Nursing), Nathan Muro (A.A.S. Nursing), Amanda Norman (A.S. Human Services), Corey Osborne (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities-Honors), Leigha Osborne (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors), Adam Paterniti (Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology), Bryce Peterson (A.A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Carla Phillips (A.A.S. Nursing), Derek Reagle (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Adriana Roehmholdt (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-High Honors), Kamryn Russell (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-High Honors), Aaron Samuelson (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Hannah Samuelson (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors), Daryl Sawyer (A.A.S. Business-Accounting), Matthew Schmidt (A.S. Business-Business Administration), Olivia Sinatra (A.A.S. Nursing), George Sisson (A.S. Individual Studies), Bernadette Smith (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Gabrielle Snyder (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Michael Southwick (A.S. Individual Studies), Megan Spain (A.A.S. Nursing), Courtney Spencer (A.A.S. Early Childhood and Certificate-Early Childhood Development-High Honors), Katelynn Spunaugle (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Bethany Stenander (A.S. Communication), Dylyn Stockhausen (Certificate-Digital Audio Production-Honors), Kelsey Strom (A.S. Criminal Justice-High Honors), Stephanie Tefft (A.S. Communication-High Honors), Jeffrey Tindall (A.S. Biotechnology), Ana Torres (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Melissa Trotter (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities), Lillian Wallace (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science and A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-Highest Honors), Jenavin Wappat (A.S. Criminal Justice-Honors), Abby Whisner (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Bryanne Widlund (Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology-Honors), Noelle Wiles (A.S. Communication), Mackenzie Wright (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-High Honors), Jason Yonkers (Certificate-Office Technology), Susana Zaragoza (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities-Honors)

Jay Shane Douglas (A.S. Criminal Justice-High Honors)

Kane, PA Amanda Yasurek (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors)

Keeseville Kara Piscitelli (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors)

Kennedy Carrie Brunacini (A.S. Business-Business Administration-Honors), Zakery Mata (A.S. Criminal Justice-Honors), Michael Wilcox (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police)

Kill Buck Olivia Lineman (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors)

Lakewood Danielle Abbey (A.S. Criminal Justice-Honors), Tyler Bell (A.S. Criminal Justice), Rebecca Carlson (A.S. Human Services-High Honors), Laura Davis (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors), Ashley Lunz (A.S. Business-Business Administration), Eric Priester (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police), Spencer Roggenbaum (A.S. Individual Studies), Matthew Roller (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Ryan Roush (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors), Ashley Sager (A.S. Human Services), Nathaniel Schrope (A.S. Computer Science-Honors), Lauren Siperek (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Alexandra Sullivan (A.S. Communication-High Honors)

Lewis Run, PA Nichole Kan (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), Karli Kozminski (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors)

Little Valley Chantel McDowell (A.A.S. Nursing), William McMaster (A.S. Engineering Science-High Honors), Salvatore Seitz (A.A.S. Individual Studies and Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology-Honors), Samantha Uhrinek (A.S. Business-Business Administration)

Lockport Nicholas Huffman (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science)

Machias Reese Gust (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors)

Mayville Kelsie Breads (A.A.S. Nursing), Brent Buxton (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Brittany Clute (A.A.S. Nursing), Ian Clute (A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Pamela Herdeman (Certificate-Entrepreneurship), James Latimer (A.S. Criminal Justice-High Honors), Joseph Marsala (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-High Honors), Mathew Miele (A.S. Environmental Science-High Honors), Sydney Milliman (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Tracie Vollertsen (A.A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Zach Weatherlow (A.S. Individual Studies)

McCook, NE Dirk Amerine (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration)

Mednine, Tunisia Raoudha Msaddek (Certificate-Machine Tool Technology)

Mexico Krystal Ziegler (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors)

Morris Melissa Roberts (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors)

New South Wales, Australia Rebeka Field (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Childhood Education-Honors)

New York Kadidiatou Ballo (A.S. Criminal Justice), De'Andra Taylor (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-Honors)

Niagara Falls Jasmine Peterson (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology)

North Java Rebecca Schelling (A.A.S. Individual Studies)

Norwich Sarah Congdon (A.S. Fine Arts: Studio Arts)

Olean Jordan Abdo (Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology), Emily Brant (A.A.S. Nursing), Brian Carey (A.S. Criminal Justice), Trisha Carney (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology-High Honors), Ashlee Case (A.A.S. Nursing), Elizabeth Cefalu (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology-High Honors), Lynn Cook (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), Joshua Coulter (Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology-Honors), Madelynne Dibble (A.A.S. Nursing), Amber Evans (A.A.S. Nursing), Jason Everett (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), Christina Fusco (A.A.S. Nursing), Tylor Gardner (A.A.S. Nursing), Jordan Geary (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Early Childhood Education-High Honors), Whitney Glover (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), John Gordnier (A.S. Business-Business Administration), Justin Hatzell (Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology), Kristyn Hayman (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-Honors), Maija Klute (A.S. Individual Studies), Brooke Lewis (A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Shawna Lowe (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology), Michael Lyons (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration), Jacob Northrup (A.S. Media Arts-High Honors), Amy Oyer (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Meegan Pilon (A.A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Tara Plath (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), Kelsey Quattrone (A.A.S. Nursing), Natalie Saleh (A.A.S. Nursing), Stephanie Samuel (A.A.S. Nursing), Jessica Siler-Vennard (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors), Christina Slocum (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Jessica Straub (A.S. Business-Business Administration-Honors), Alison Tennant (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Shawna Trudeau (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), Katherine Wilson (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), Matthew Yanda (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police), Brady Zambanini (A.S. Individual Studies)

Ontario, Canada Adam Reece (A.S. Individual Studies)

Palmetto, FL Amanda Foster (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors)

Panama Taylor Kesby (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Lindsey Stravato (A.S. Business-Business Administration), Paige Weise (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors)

Perrysburg Giovanna Accordino (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities-High Honors)

Port Allegany, PA Cory Burr (A.A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Sarah Gordon (A.A.S. Nursing), Holly McGarvey (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration-Highest Honors), Kelsey Payne (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors)

Portland Karina Stanton (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-Honors)

Portville Kaylyn Button (A.A.S. Nursing), Nikolas Carapellatti (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Joshua Phillips (A.S. Fine Arts: Music-Honors), Brandi Sprout (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors)

Randolph Cole Bingerman (A.S. Media Arts-Honors), Sara Braun (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Hilary Clinger (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors), Marisa Covell (A.A.S. Early Childhood and Certificate-Early Childhood Development), Meghann Hettenbaugh (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors), Zachary Jackson (A.S. Biotechnology-Highest Honors), Shannon Lewis (A.S. Individual Studies), McKenzie Lux (A.S. Media Arts-High Honors), Christine McAllister (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-High Honors), Jenna Osborne (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Alexander Shipherd (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-Honors), Shelby Spengler (A.A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Chelsea Wendell (A.S. Individual Studies)

Rew, PA Dawn Miketish (A.A.S. Nursing)

Richburg Kurt Klein (A.A.S. Human Services-Honors)

Richmond Hill Peter Nichik (A.S. Individual Studies)

Ripley Nicholas Hlifka (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-Highest Honors), Joseph Spacht (A.S. Criminal Justice)

Rochester Bill Gill (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration)

Russell, PA Tina Britt (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Rachel Stewart (A.A.S. Individual Studies-Honors)

Saegertown, PA Imelda Wanner (A.A.S. Nursing)

Salamanca Dennis Brown (Certificate-Corrections Officer Technology-High Honors), Matthew Case (A.A.S. Information Technology and Certificate-Information Technology-Honors), Michael Coolidge (A.S. Criminal Justice-High Honors), Alyssa Deboy (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors), Nolan Edwards (A.S. Computer Science-Honors), Wanda Gebauer (A.S. Human Services-High Honors), Christie George (A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Lauri Hayton (A.A.S. Human Services-Honors), Joseph Hinman (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Brooke Kennedy (A.S. Individual Studies), Kristin McGonnell (A.S. Individual Studies), Markie Mohr (A.S. Media Arts-High Honors), Michael Morris (A.S. Business-Business Administration and A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Eliah Phillips (A.S. Media Arts)

San Jose, CA May-June Heckmyer (A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors)

Scio Katelyn Dunham (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors), Kasey Williams (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), Kayla Williams (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors)

Sfax North, Tunisia Akram Khanfir (Certificate-Computer-Aided Design & Computer Numerical Control)

Sherman Alexis Oehlbeck (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-High Honors), Kelly Thornton (A.S. Human Services)

Shinglehouse, PA Stacie Cole (A.A.S. Nursing)

Silver Creek Courtney Cummings (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police), Kelsey Orr (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors)

Sinclairville Danielle Anderson (A.A.S. Nursing), Cody Johnson (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Emily Marsh (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescence Education-Highest Honors), Austin Schwab (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant)

South Dayton Kayce Abers (A.S. Criminal Justice-Honors), Richard Cettell (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), Jodi Hoskins (A.A.S. Nursing), Adam Lukasik (A.S. Communication-High Honors)

Springville Abigail Bradshaw (A.S. Physical Education Studies-High Honors)

Stockton Anastasia Semyenova (A.S. Individual Studies)

Sugar Grove, PA Nicole Ewer (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Christina Inman (A.A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Alexis Laird (A.A.S. Nursing), Cody McMillen (A.S. Environmental Science-Honors), Shayla Reynolds (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors)

Turtlepoint, PA Amy Prince (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors)

Ulysses, PA Hannah Holbrook (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant)

Warren, PA Elizabeth Baxter (A.A.S. Information Technology), Bethany Chapman (A.A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Nicole Drauschak (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors), Christopher Guiffre (A.S. Communication), Gregory Swab (A.A.S. Individual Studies), MaryBeth White (A.A.S. Nursing)

Wellsville Kali Beardsley (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors), Melissa Grantier (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), Rodney Mosher (A.S. Individual Studies), ShelbyLynne Nolan (A.S. Human Services), Sydney Wight (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors)

West Valley Samantha Smith (A.A.S. Early Childhood and Certificate-Early Childhood Development-Honors)

Westfield Christopher Brooker (A.S. Criminal Justice-High Honors), Robert Burgess (A.S. Environmental Science), Jacob Gray (A.S. Physical Education Studies), Nathan Hanes (A.A.S. Information Technology-High Honors), Jennifer Laporte (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), Vincent Noble (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-Honors), Marissa Okerlund (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-High Honors), Laurie Pembridge (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors), Dylan Robinson (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police-Honors), Kodi Robinson (Certificate-Welding Technology)

Youngsville, PA Carrie Jewell (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Brandon Olson (A.A.S. Mechanical Technology), Colleen Rex (A.A.S. Nursing)

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