Tuesday, April 18, 2017 - 2:14pm

JCC is encouraging students to gain “real world” experiences by including internships in their summer plans.

“Among the promises we make to our students is connecting them to their goals,” said Marilyn A. Zagora, vice president of academic affairs. “Internships provide direct connections to career fields and complement classroom learning in ways that will be incredibly valuable in an increasingly competitive job market.

“Among the most compelling reasons to complete an internship is to test your interests and skills in a particular career area, but that isn't the only reason,” Dr. Zagora added. “You will also be strengthening your college transcript and your resume and creating professional contacts and references that can pay off in the future.”

“This summer we're intensifying our efforts to provide internship opportunities for students in diverse areas of study,” said Nelson Garifi, executive director of academic innovation. “While students in many of our academic programs are required to complete internships or field experiences at some point during their studies, we believe all students can benefit from this form of applied learning.

“Summer can be an ideal time for students to pursue internships as their schedules often provide greater flexibility,” noted Garifi. “We currently have placements available for both paid and unpaid internships in areas including science, education, and business and will work with individuals to customize internships for specific interests.”

As an incentive to encourage more students to engage in internships, JCC is reducing tuition for off-campus summer internships to one-half of the normal per credit hour rate this summer.

Citing data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, Garifi noted that employers report that 62% of new college hires had internship experience and nearly half of employers said they offer higher starting salaries to new college hires who have internship experience.

According to Garifi, JCC also encourages students currently attending other colleges and universities to enroll in JCC's credit internships this summer.

“We're already placing several students from several different colleges who will complete their internships while home for the summer and then transfer the credits earned back to the institutions they attend,” he said. “This can provide a significant cost savings to the students as JCC's tuition is likely to be the more affordable option.”

Students completing credit internships through JCC must have successfully completed at least 24 credits and earned a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.

Students interested in enrolling in summer internships as well as employers willing to host interns are encouraged to call JCC's applied learning office at 716.338.1381 in Jamestown or 716.376.7531 in Olean.

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