Tuesday, June 24, 2014 - 10:29am

Several JCC staff members were recognized recently for their contributions and service.

The President’s Award for Excellence, presented by JCC president Cory L. Duckworth, was given to employment development specialist Rita Freeborough, senior academic affairs assistant Elise Lund, and senior business office assistant Roxanne Monroe. The award reflects the recipient’s self-improvement, efforts on behalf of JCC, and excellence in professional activities.

Dr. Duckworth also announced senior human resources specialist Linda Fye as the recipient of both a President’s Award for Excellence and the State University of New York Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service.

Employees recognized for their years of service to JCC included:

Five years: Amy Hadley, residence life director; Karen Johnson, custodial worker I; Mike Martello, executive director of administrative services; Scott Miller, Small Business Development Center advisor; Jackie Patterson, project manager, continuing education; and Victoria Peterson, international outreach coordinator.

10 years: Missy Chase McLaughlin, Faculty Student Association administrative assistant; Peter Feraldi, maintenance mechanic I; Marsha Hern, executive assistant to the president and assistant to the board of trustees; Jodi Miller, computer operator/technical assistant; and Al Whitmore, maintenance mechanic II.

15 years: Linda DiDomizio, programmer/analyst; Sharon Hodgdon, senior financial aid assistant; Kim Lasher, assistant director of admissions and recruitment; Chris Lawson, custodial worker I; Sandi McGuire, continuing education assistant; Bill McArthur, custodial worker I; Kim Paterniti, senior student services assistant; Rachel Phillips, senior financial aid assistant; Lisa Yohon, campus life director, Cattaraugus County Campus.

20 years: Don Cieslewicz, custodial worker I; Laurel Giambra, assistant buildings and grounds director; and Connie Pilato, academic technology support specialist.

25 years: Don Baker, senior custodial worker I; Cindy LoIacono, senior typist; Amy Rupp, senior project manager-library automation systems; and Diane Shepardson, typist.

30 years: Dave Johnson, buildings and grounds director.

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