Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - 5:48pm

On August 1, JCC will join a growing list of colleges and universities to adopt a tobacco-free campus policy.

“JCC is dedicated to providing a safe, healthy, comfortable, and productive living and learning environment for the entire campus community,” said Susan Bronstein, executive director of human resources and college-wide safety. “The primary purpose of JCC’s tobacco-free policy is to improve the health of employees and students and promote a culture of mutual respect.”

The policy prohibits the use of tobacco products everywhere within the perimeter of all JCC property, both indoors and outdoors, and in any vehicle on JCC property and applies to all JCC staff, students, visitors, and vendors.

Under the policy, all tobacco and tobacco-derived products intended for human consumption including, but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, hookah smoked products, clove and electronic cigarettes, bidis, kreteks, smokeless tobacco, and snus, are prohibited.

Over the past two years, members of JCC’s tobacco-free policy committee have worked on implementation of the policy as part of a State University of New York recommendation for a system-wide ban on the use of tobacco products on SUNY campuses.

“A tobacco-free policy sends a consistent health message by not implying that one form of tobacco is safe,” said Ms. Bronstein. “There are no safe forms or levels of tobacco use. JCC’s policy promotes and protects the health of all college members, users and non-users alike, as well as promoting a culture of respect.”

JCC has publicized a series of cessation support programs to assist those looking to quit tobacco products before the implementation date. Since last fall several JCC students have participated in a web-assisted tobacco intervention program coordinated by the University of Rochester Medical Center and designed specifically for community college students.

“JCC is committed to providing the healthiest environment possible for its employees, students, and visitors,” Ms. Bronstein emphasized. “By becoming a leader in public health promotion and wellness, JCC is providing the resources necessary to help bring everybody in our community to the point where use of tobacco products is no longer an issue.”

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