Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 3:55pm

Area families who are willing to treat international students attending JCC to a meal or shopping excursion are sought for the upcoming academic year.

Community International Friendship Program (CIFP), a program linking JCC's international students with community members and community resources, provides area residents a chance to learn about international cultures through students from different countries.

CIFP volunteers can build lifelong friendships by taking international students grocery shopping, inviting them for dinner or coffee, or involving them in a holiday celebration.

“International students attending JCC are here to expand their minds and make their experiences in the United States as worthwhile as possible by learning about our culture and developing lifelong relationships,” notes Victoria Peterson, JCC's international outreach coordinator. “Leaving family and friends can be a lonely experience, but area residents can help make their stay here more sociable and memorable.”

Individuals interested in volunteering with CIFP can contact Ms. Peterson at 716.338.1291.

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