Friday, June 10, 2016 - 2:56pm

JCC staff members were recognized for their contributions and service during a recent program.

The President’s Award for Excellence was presented by JCC president Cory L. Duckworth to Linda Dubois, a custodial worker at the Cattaraugus County Campus, and Grant Umberger, director of continuing education at the Jamestown Campus. The award reflects the recipient’s self-improvement, efforts on behalf of JCC, and excellence in professional activities. They both also received the State University of New York Chancellor’s Award for Excellence.

Employees recognized for their years of service to JCC included:

Five years: Jade Barber, Ellen Bobst, Melissa Carris, Jennifer Coe, Jill Colburn, Linda DuBois, Carol Federko, Kim Irland, Tracy Kelly, Dale Long, Mike Moots, Robert Rivera, Deb Rizzo, Tina Sardo, Charlene Suter , Emily Thomson

10 years: Carol Bremmer, Elizabeth Yager                                   

15 years: Kathy Burns, Charlene Johnson, Wendy Present, Delana Rupp

20 years: Bill Burk, Jackie Carlson, Lori Fabritius, Deborah Forness, Tammy Keesler

25 years: Ruth Bryson, Linda Fye, Barb McCarthy                                    

30 years: Jackie McGinnis, Tammy Skroback

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