Tuesday, June 14, 2011 - 5:04pm

Several individuals were recognized for their contributions and service to JCC during a recent annual staff luncheon.

The President's Award for Excellence, presented by JCC president Gregory T. DeCinque, was given to Edward Cole, senior programmer/analyst, and Michael Goon, maintenance mechanic I. The award reflects the recipient's self-improvement, efforts on behalf of JCC, and excellence in professional activities.

Dr. DeCinque announced that Goon also received the State University of New York Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Classified Service.

Gene Danielson, who retired on June 1, was recognized for 29 years of dedicated service as resident manager of JCC's Sheldon House.

Employees recognized for their years of service to JCC included:

Five years: Carol Bremmer, director of external resources; Faith Graham, GEARUP coordinator; Candace Huber, continuing education project manager; and Elizabeth Yager, financial aid technical assistant.

Ten years: Kathy Burns, textbook manager, FSA; Janet Daniels, senior custodial worker; Sue Giomento, assistant to the Sheldon House manager; Charlene Johnson, health center assistant; Marjorie Litteer, assistant director of recruitment and admissions; Wendy Present, director of admissions; Delana Rupp, assistant director of continuing education; Carol Saxton, human resources specialist; and Ruth Swanson, custodial worker.

Fifteen years: Bill Burk, director of athletics/recreation/facilities; Jackie Carlson, custodial worker; Lori Fabritius, continuing education project manager; Deb Forness, senior biology/chemistry laboratory technician; Tammy Keesler, senior computer support specialist.

Twenty years: Ruth Bryson, account clerk/typist; Linda Fye, senior human resources specialist; Joan Haug, senior library technical assistant; Susan Jackson, College Connections administrative assistant; Barb McCarthy, senior academic affairs assistant; Roz Newton, assistant dean of arts, humanities, and health sciences; and Tony Pilato, media technician.

Twenty-five years: Robin Giles, senior chief telephone operator and nursing department typist; Jesse Gugino, director of continuing education; Jackie McGinnis, senior admissions office typist; and Tammy Skroback, senior services assistant, counseling center.

Also honored were 30-year employees Greg Fish, executive director of the Faculty Student Association, and Laura Strandburg, Sheriff's Academy typist.

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