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Students awarded degrees or certificates from JCC's Jamestown and Cattaraugus County campuses in December 2016 included (highest honors represents a 4.0 grade point average, high honors a 3.50 to 3.99 GPA, and honors a 3.25 to 3.49 GPA):

Andover Mitchell Gavin (A.S. Criminal Justice)

Angelica Sarah Noniewicz (A.S. Criminal Justice)

Ashville Lydia Davis (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Chien-Yu Lai (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Adam Phillips (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration), Heather Sampson (A.S. Physical Education Studies)

Bear Lake, PA Paul Waite (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors)

Bemus Point Brianne Davis (A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Tyler Farrell (A.S. Individual Studies), Bryce Moyer (A.S. Business-Business Administration)

Boonville Lucille Johnson (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology)

Brocton Miranda Begier (A.S. Business-Business Administration), James Manning (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors)

Cassadaga Brett Huch (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police)

Celoron Toby Muoio (A.S. Individual Studies)

Charleston, SC Lucas Vandenberg (A.A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors)

Cherry Creek Bobbi Jackson (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration), Kayla Mansfield (A.A.S. Individual Studies-Honors)

Corry, PA Geena Panetta (A.S. Communication-High Honors)

Cuba Madison Crandall (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-High Honors)

Dunkirk Sarai Ramirez Dominguez (A.S. Media Arts)

East Otto Angel Atkins (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Bethany Lexer (A.S. Individual Studies), Gretchen Lexer (A.S. Individual Studies)

Erie, PA Gebil Jibul (A.A.S. Information Technology-Honors)

Falconer Madelaine Bartholomew (A.S. Business-Business Administration), Macey Mays (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors)

Forestville James D'Angelo (A.A.S. Information Technology), Cody Jackson (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration), Nicole Sheldon (A.S. Criminal Justice)

Franklinville Kristina Miller (A.S. Individual Studies)

Fredonia Corey Dubois (A.S. Media Arts), Austin Frey (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Cassandra Pchelka (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Collin Schanzlin (A.A.S. Information Technology), Ryan Sheldon (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Destiny Soto (A.S. Individual Studies), Connor Stone (Certificate-Digital Audio Production-High Honors)

Friendship Taylor Johnson (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science)

Gerry Dalton Barmore (A.S. Criminal Justice-Honors), Sierra Hitchcock (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-High Honors), Erica Maudsley (A.S. Individual Studies)

Gowanda Brittnee Stelley (A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Alayna Swartz (A.S. Media Arts-High Honors), Erin Tyler (A.S. Communication-High Honors), Faith Winship (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Psychology-Honors)

Hamburg Jackie Hawley (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration)

Irvine, PA Dylan Coy (A.S. Criminal Justice-Honors)

Irving Samantha Williams (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police)

Ischua Courtney McCutcheon (A.A.S. Individual Studies)

Jamestown Ashley Berlin (A.S. Human Services-High Honors), Halli Buchanan (A.S. Individual Studies), Thomas Cramer (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration-Honors), Kelly Dalton (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration), Caitlyn Ellsworth (A.S. Individual Studies), Kasie Foulk (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Matthew Gandy (A.S. Individual Studies), Joshua Giaimo (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Corey Greer (A.A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Cameron Haberberger (A.S. Business-Business Administration), Jeremy Haley (A.A.S. Mechanical Technology-Machine Tool; Certificate-Computer-Aided Design & Computer Numerical Control; Certificate-Machine Tool Technology), Andrew Hinman (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police-Honors), Hillary Hornyak (A.S. Individual Studies), Kevin Karr (Certificate- Medical Office Technology), Samantha Kincaid (A.S. Communication), Michael Kinney (A.S. Criminal Justice-High Honors), Zachary Kubera (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration), Andrew Latona (A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Katie Lawrence (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Brandon Lucariello (A.A.S. Information Technology), Robert McAdoo (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Kate Myers (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Burton Nuse (A.S. Computer Science), Sean O'Brien (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Erik Olson (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science; A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Rebecca Olson (A.S. Individual Studies), Brian Park (A.S. Physical Education Studies), Jason Pembridge (A.S. Business-Business Administration-Honors), Jennifer Reedy (A.S. Human Services-High Honors), Brandi Robinson (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-Honors), Kivanne Serrano Rotger (A.S. Criminal Justice-High Honors), Jade Shirey-Kingsbury (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Eddie Slaughter (A.S. Business-Business Administration), Samantha Stafford (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences: Psychology), Alexis Stanley (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Tabatha Stenstrom (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Andrew Stevenson (A.S. Individual Studies), Cole Stuart (A.S. Criminal Justice-Honors), Stephanie Tefft (A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Jenna Valone (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Chelsea Vine (A.S. Fine Arts: Studio Arts), Michael Waddington (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Andrew Ward (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-High Honors)

Kenmore Nicholas Tuccio (A.A.S. Mechanical Technology-Design)

Kill Buck Penny Frank (A.S. Human Services), Zechariah Stringer (A.S. Communication)

Lakewood Dustin Dorman (A.S. Business-Business Administration), Jennifer Swan-Leuze (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors)

Little Valley Molly Woodarek (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors)

Machias John Hedrich (A.A.S. Information Technology)

Mayville Sylvia Gonzalez (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Braydyn Wappat (A.S. Individual Studies)

North Tonawanda Brian Benson (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-High Honors)

Olean Courtney Bailey (A.S. Human Services-Honors), Haley Freeman (A.A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Kristen Liguori (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology-High Honors), Heather Matya (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration), Alexis Menter (A.S. Individual Studies), Jenna Wagner (A.S. Individual Studies)

Panama Zoe Cochran (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Jo-Linda Rhodes (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology-Honors)

Portageville Samantha Allan (A.S. Human Services-High Honors)

Portville Megan Fitzsimmons (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors)

Randolph Diane Carey (A.S. Media Arts; Certificate- Digital Graphic Design & Publishing-High Honors), Amy Hill (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology), Ryan Sanders (A.A.S. Individual Studies)

Rochester James Smith (A.A.S. Professional Piloting-Honors)

Salamanca Sara Droney (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Lacie Hawkins (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology), Dylan Paprocki (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police), Dani Redeye (A.S. Business-Business Administration; Certificate-Entrepreneurship), Justin Woodmancy (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors)

Scio Eric Demick (A.S. Criminal Justice)

Shinglehouse, PA Samantha Mellin (A.A.S. Individual Studies)

Silver Creek Amber Hemphill (A.S. Criminal Justice), Cassandra Nahrebeski (A.S. Human Services-Honors)

Sinclairville Anthony Gray (Certificate-Network Administration-High Honors)

South Dayton Ashley VanBuskirk (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors)

Stockton Jennifer Clever (A.S. Human Services-High Honors), Marcus Sterner (A.S. Criminal Justice)

Sugar Grove, PA Danielle Bradish (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology)

Versailles Kristin Griffin (A.S. Individual Studies)

Warren, PA Whitney Colosimo (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors)

Wellsville Catherine Valley (A.A.S. Individual Studies)

Westfield Laura Backus (A.A.S. Early Childhood), Elyse Carlson (Certificate-Medical Office Technology-High Honors)

Youngsville, PA Amy Stanbro (A.S. Individual Studies)

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