Friday, October 7, 2016 - 12:53pm

Several students were awarded degrees or certificates from JCC's Jamestown and Cattaraugus County campuses in August 2016.

One student earned highest honors (4.0 GPA), six students earned high honors (3.50-3.99 GPA), and five students earned honors (3.25-3.49 GPA).

Allegany Jennifer Dombek (A.A.S. Individual Studies)

Ashville: Carly Abbate (A.S. Individual Studies - Honors)

Belfast: Brett Miller (A.S. Human Services)

Bowen, Australia: Callum Butler (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science)

Brooklyn: Samuel Joseph (A.A.S. Individual Studies)

Buffalo: Anissia Ransom (A.S. Media Arts - Honors)

Castile: Cynthia Bennion (A.S. Individual Studies)

Cattaraugus: Colt Agnew (A.S. Business - Business Administration)

Clymer: Zachary Stanbro (A.A.S Criminal Justice - Police)

Cuba: Heather App (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Chase Bump (A.S. Criminal Justice), Elizabeth Teuscher (A.S. Individual Studies)

Dunkirk: Kristin Amigone (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Lauren Cunningham (A.S. Business - Business Administration), Natasha Miranda (A.S. Human Services), Elliott Morales (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science)

Ellicottville: Rebecca Golley (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant)

Falconer: Kaylei Russell (A.S. Individual Studies - Highest Honors), Tyler Stimson (A.S. Criminal Justice - Honors)

Forestville: Hannah Moloney (A.S. Individual Studies)

Franklinville: Ryan Gustafson (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science - High Honors)

Fredonia: Louis Pulci (Certificate - Corrections Officer Technology - High Honors), Casandra Sobczak (A.S. Individual Studies)

Gerry: Amanda Winhaber (A.S. Individual Studies)

Great Valley: Amy Borowiak (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science)

Hinsdale: Colton Kreamer (A.S. Individual Studies)

Jamestown: Nicholas Armes (A.S. Business - Business Administration), Amy Heglund (A.S. Individual Studies), Anastasia Johnson (A.A.S. Business - Business Administration - High Honors), Mckenzie Martin (A.A.S. Individual Studies and Certificate - Medical Office Technology), John Melcher (A.S. Business - Business Administration), Tyler Smith (Certificate - Welding Technology - High Honors), Susan Walters (A.S. Environmental Science)

Olean: Jadilyne Baca (Certificate - Medical Office Technology), Brayden Hawkins (A.S. Individual Studies), Andrew Laborde (Certificate - Entrepreneurship)

Port Allegany, PA: Katelyn Thomas (A.A.S Nursing - Honors)

Ripley: Tammy Soto (A.A.S. Individual Studies)

Russell, PA: Silvia Cable (A.A.S. Nursing)

Salamanca: Kalyssa Tome (A.A.S. Nursing)

Sinclairville: Jessica Wilson (A.S. Individual Studies)

Smethport, PA: Beth Birtcil (A.S. Business - Business Administration - High Honors)

Sugar Grove, PA: Mallory Schutt (A.S. Biotechnology), Richard Zortman (Certificate - Digital Audio Production - Honors)

Westfield: Alison Bolinger (A.S. Human Services - High Honors), William Jackson (A.S. Computer Science)

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