Thursday, May 25, 2017 - 11:02am

JCC's 2017-18 budget was approved at the May 23 meeting of the college's board of trustees.

The new budget, which totals $31,649,867, is 3.9% smaller than the college's 2016-17 spending plan. JCC's new fiscal year begins September 1, 2017.

The approved budget includes a state aid amount of $2,747 per full-time equivalent (FTE), which is up slightly from the 2016-17 budget. Full-time New York resident tuition will increase by $60 to $2,375 per semester. The out-of-state tuition rate will be $4,750 per semester.

“Declining enrollment continues to be a significant challenge to the financial picture at JCC,” said JCC President Cory L. Duckworth. “Next year’s budget reflects the new down-sized demographic reality for higher education that is occurring throughout the northeast part of the country.

“The college’s faculty, staff, and administrators have worked hard to innovate efficiencies and build new collaborations that are positioning JCC to preserve its educational quality and serve the ever-changing economic landscape of our service region,” added Dr. Duckworth.

He noted that the 3.9% decline in the budget reflects operating budget and personnel reductions, including retirements and vacant positions that will not be filled.

“JCC continues to be a strong institution that is operationally and financially stable,” said Dr. Duckworth. “Nevertheless, we are working hard to find new students that would benefit from our exceptional education programs. We hope the state’s new Excelsior Scholarship will encourage many students to attend who may have felt that college was unaffordable. If they come, we will help them find new pathways to success that will enrich their lives forever.”

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