• JCC Tutorials
    • Introduction to Research - This LibGuide explains The Seven Steps to Research(Cornell University) and demonstrates how to use them. Includes links to JCC’s online catalog, databases, citation guides and recommended Internet sources.
  • Tutorials from other sources
    • Credo Reference Tutorials - Learn how to take full advantage of Credo's search capabilities, including Boolean searching, field searching and prefix operators. Credo Reference is one of the subscription databases to which you have access as a JCC student. It's a search engine like Google, but instead of searching the entire Internet, your results come from trusted reference sources without advertisements, clutter, or irrelevant hits.
    • EBSCO Basic Search Quiz/Tutorial - In this tutorial you will learn some techniques for searching EBSCO databases. Finding periodical articles will be necessary throughout your academic career, and EBSCO databases are a reliable and easy to use source. EBSCO databases can be found at just about any college or university and they all have very similar interfaces, so once you learn how to use one you can confidently use the others. There are general topic databases such as Academic Search Complete, as well as specific topic databases like Business Source Complete.
    • HRAF Introduction - Attention Anthropology students! You will almost certainly use the eHRAF World Cultures database in your classes. It is a powerful tool, but can be a little tricky to navigate. Run the following tutorial to familiarize yourself with searching and using this important resource.
    • TIP [University of Wyoming] - The Tutorial for Info Power, or TIP, is an interactive, web-based tutorial designed by the University of Wyoming Libraries to introduce students to information literacy concepts. TIP consists of five self-paced modules.  Although some parts of the tutorial refer to UW Libraries’ system, you should be able to apply the presented ideas to the JCC libraries.  The tutorial concludes with a 33 question quiz.
    • What is a library database? [CLIP] - All this talk about databases! What are they and how can they help you in your research? The Cooperative Library Instruction Project (CLIP) has created the following tutorial to help you discover and use the information from the library databases.
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