Director of Libraries

Tim Arnold, director of libraries
Phone: 716.338.1125
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Amanda Signorino, administrative assistant
Phone: 716.338.1138
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Hultquist Library | Cattaraugus County Campus Library

Hultquist Library

Reference, 716.338.1136

Cynthia Horton McKane, reference librarian, assistant professor
Phone: 716.338.1126
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Jennifer Knisley, reference librarian, adjunct faculty
Phone: 716.338.1139
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Maggie McElrath, reference librarian, adjunct faculty
Phone: 716.338.1139
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Circulation & Interlibrary Loan, 716.338.1008

Taylor Flores, library technical assistant
Phone: 716.338.1127
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Dorene Hess, library technical assistant
Phone: 716.338.1257
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Technical Services

Kelly Tremblay, library technical assistant
Phone: 716.338.1128
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Library Automation

Amy B. Rupp, senior project manager
Phone: 716.338.1131
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Cattaraugus County Campus Library

Coordinator, Cattaraugus County Campus Library Services

Mary Jermann, reference librarian, associate professor
Phone: 716.376.7594
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Reference, 716.376.7517

Gary Greenstein, reference librarian, adjunct faculty
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Luana Ellis, reference librarian, adjunct faculty
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Christine Zeitler, reference librarian, adjunct faculty
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Circulation, Interlibrary Loan, & Technical Services, 716.376.7517

Mechele Romanchock, library technical assistant
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