Wendel Companies
Job Description: 

Wendel Companies is seeking 6 interns for its landscape engineer firm. Intern swill learn the basics of urban forestry and how to promote a sustainable urban forest. Interns will also learn the basics of conducting a tree inventory utilizing ArcGIS and i-Tree software. Interns will work with various government agencies, present to a wide variety of individuals, network with peers, and develop and present new policies.


Applicants should have an interest in environmental policies and environmental science. Environmental science and related majors with a GPA of 2.0+ are encouraged to apply.


Interns will attend lectures, one per week, and they will be expected to give presentations to the class as well as to members of the College. Interns will attend the Tree Campus Luncheon in Albany with the opportunity to network with a wide variety of professional peers, prepare a portfolio for grading, and develop a final product at the end of the semester for grading. The final product will be determined at the beginning of the internship to work with the strengths and interests of the students.

Zip Code: 

To apply for this internship, please contact the Office of Experiential Learning at 716.338.1381 or use this contact form.