The Senate Undergraduate Session Assistants Program offers approximately 30 talented undergraduate students an opportunity to experience state government and the legislative process, through their participation in an on-site, academic enriching, and career building work experience. The Program runs about four months, beginning in early January and ending in late April.

New York State Senate
Work Site Location: 
Albany, New York
Job Description: 

Senate Undergraduate Session Assistants are generally assigned to a Senator’s office and work full-time in these placements. Placements relate to the student’s experience, abilities, and interests to the extent that these are compatible with Senate needs. Every attempt is made to provide Session Assistants with their policy preference or with a comparable placement. Specific work assignment responsibilities are assigned to each Session Assistant by their Placement Supervisor, and are reviewed by the Senate Student Programs Office. Such duties may include: short-term research; responding to constituent correspondence and other requests; tracking legislation; preparing bill memos; attending and reporting on committee meetings and public hearings; and attending meetings with lobbyists and other interest groups.


The Program was designed for college juniors and seniors, though exceptional sophomores are occasionally selected. Freshmen are ineligible. Majors in all accredited disciplines are accepted and encouraged; pursuit of a degree in history or political science is neither a prerequisite nor an advantage to selection. However, academic initiative, an avid interest in learning, maturity, and a strong work ethic are all essential for success.

Days/Hours Intern is Needed: 

The Senate awards a stipend to offset the costs of moving to and living in Albany. The stipend is paid in biweekly installments and is subject to payroll lag and other current payroll guidelines, including taxation. The stipend will be prorated through the last day of each individual enrollment. Students are required to work a minimum of 35 hours per week, though longer hours are possible and should be expected.

Zip Code: 

To apply for this internship, please contact the Office of Experiential Learning at 716.338.1381 or use this contact form.