Marketing and IT Intern

International Order of The King's Daughters and Sons
Work Site Location: 
IOKDS Headquarters, Chautauqua Institution
Job Description: 

Intern will assist in a non-profit Christian service organization alongside staff and volunteers with opportunities to interact with visitors and volunteers at the Chautauqua Institution. The intern will have opportunities to connect with a wide variety of people, including a staff member of the information technology department. By attending three morning lectures of the intern's choice and writing personal reflections, the intern will have the opportunity to be exposed to the thinking of world-renowned speakers at Chautauqua. Some of the work within this internship is groundbreaking and requires a high degree of responsibility for using the existing information system with care.

  • Will extend knowledge of database construction and application
  • Will develop experience with construct and use of queries
  • Will provide experience with total setup and operation of a social communication network
  • Will enable the student to further understand the “real-world” use of databases, and their potential for use in various areas of marketing and communications
  • Experience with Microsoft Access and Word
  • Ability to explore and learn how to use Mail Chimp to export queried items from the database to Chimp
  • Ability to create content in letters to donors for review by others
  • Successful completion of 2 years of academic study
  1. Create our first alumni database by researching files, locating accurate contact information and compiling a database for electronic and mail distribution. This work will include assisting in defining who our alumni are, setting the parameters for the database and developing an ease-of-use system for maintaining it.
  2. Working with our office staff on on-going projects to refine our donor database, by, for example:
    Adding a column to current database for donors
    Querying donors, and exporting email list to Mail Chimp
    Drafting letters for quarterly email to donors
    Setting up email to automatically go out quarterly to donors with respective letter for the quarter providing email alert to manager a week before to modify current letter if wished
    Testing system
  3. Improving our email communications by exporting all members’ email addresses from our database to Mail Chimp
    Running query to include state, circle, first and last names
    Testing system
  4. Working with our communications/public relations intern, assist in the evaluation of our IOKDS website including making recommendations for changes.

The education component:

  1. Interview 1 staff member of the Information Technology Department, Chautauqua Institution. Includes preparing interview questions, a face-to-face interview, and writing up a summary of the interview.
  2. Choose and attend 3 morning lectures given at the Chautauqua Institution’s national platform. For each lecture, create a short review, based on reaching different audiences using social media and blogging. Also, for each lecture, write a “personal reflection” on the lecture. Framework for the reflection assignment will be given during orientation.
Hours per Week: 
30 hours/week
Days/Hours Intern is Needed: 

6-7 hours/day in keeping with the office schedule

Gate pass provided, food allowance and other assistance possible
Zip Code: 

To apply for this internship, please contact the Office of Experiential Learning at 716.338.1381 or use this contact form.