Farmers Market Data and Communications Intern

Southern Tier West Regional Farmers Market Network
Job Description: 

Southern Tier West Regional Farmers Market Network currently seeks marketing data and communications interns, with 18 available positions. The STW internship provides opportunity for academic, vocational, and experiential learning in the field of regional economic development.


The successful farmers market data and communications intern should have excellent written and oral communication skills, be able to initiate project work and sustain activities through completion, and be able to work individually as well as part of a team. The intern should also be able to multi-task, set priorities, meet deadlines, conduct him/herself in an appropriate manner while interacting with the public, and have a friendly, engaging, and personable demeanor.

The intern must have reliable transportation as well as access to a computer and Internet connection and video communications application such as Skype.

Intern should demonstrate proficiency with Microsoft Office suite of applications, Google docs and Good Drive functions, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and email marketing programs. Intern should also have strong Internet research, social media, and database management skills.

Internship will be completed for credit.


A farmers market data and communications intern may be responsible for any of the following activities:

  • Travel to/from farmers market(s) on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  • Travel once or twice to Southern Tier West’s office in Salamanca, NY for group meeting of all interns.
  • Design and execute several verbal and written surveys and provide analysis of results. Surveys could be for farmers market customers, market vendors, local business community, etc. and could be designed in partnership with other interns assigned to other farmers within the region.
  • Conduct observational journaling at farmers markets, taking special notes on customer traffic patterns, demographics, customer interaction with vendors, and other interactions as determined by market managers and intern cohort. Intern should be able to construct written, well-formed statements and reports based on observational notes.
  • Occasionally act as a customer greeter at the market, verbally interact with customers in response to questions, and provide other assistance as needed.
  • Develop a process to obtain customer emails and other contact information that will be used to build a database. Use database to design and send regular email and social media communications that provide regular updates on market events and activities.
  • Design appropriate templates and send regular email communications with a program such as MailChimp or iContact (access to service provided by STW or farmers market).
  • Design social media tools and communications schedule for farmers market and/or Regional Farmers Market Network. Be prepared to release regular social media postings to build customer awareness of market activities. Social media protocols will be outlined by the market manager or STW.
  • Provide assistance with implementation of an integrated region-wide thematic marketing program that will be deployed by all the markets in late summer or early fall centered around a shared theme.
  • In partnership with other interns, research available entertainers, performers, artists, musicians, educators, and other activity-oriented personnel/organizations that would be appropriate to appear at a farmers market as a customer attraction. Then design and populate a database based on this information that can be shared among the region’s farmers markets to provide a central point of access among the markets.
  • Be willing to participate in an exit interview or provide a final report outlining the internship experience, knowledge and skills gained/imparted, and offer any suggestions or thoughts related to any aspect of this opportunity.

If the successful intern does not have the full abilities or knowledge to execute some of the responsibilities outlined above, training and resources will be provided to assist the intern in gaining the knowledge and skills to fulfill the objectives and tasks.

Zip Code: 

To apply for this internship, please contact the Office of Experiential Learning at 716.338.1381 or use this contact form.