Farm Apprenticeship

Canticle Farm
Work Site Location: 
Allegany, NY
Job Description: 

Canticle Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown, not-for-profit, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm in Allegany, NY, and currently has openings for farm apprentices.  Apprenticeships are generally focused on farm operations & management, crop & field management, and building, infrastructure, & equipment maintenance. Apprenticeships are seasonal, full-time or part-time positions (April or May – October) and are best suited for those who intend to pursue a career in agriculture.  Canticle Farm apprentices will work alongside farm staff and management, and participate in the day-to-day operations of the farm. This includes all aspects of seed and plant care, field and bed care, harvesting, preparation, and distribution of produce. Apprentices learn what is necessary to sustain a CSA farm. They learn the basic “mechanics” of the CSA as well as our farm’s retail operations through active work in preparation for shareholder distributions and farmers’ market operations. They also learn seeding, transplanting, cultivating, and harvesting techniques, as well as disease and pest identification & organic control methods.


The Apprenticeship Program is designed to be a two-year, seasonal commitment. Year one includes the basics of farm operations and would primarily entail labor similar to that of our field workers. Informal, periodic meetings with farm management would be conducted to ensure that both the farm’s expectations and the apprentice’s learning goals are being met. At the end of season one the apprentice meets with farm management and a decision is made regarding continuation for a second season. Year two includes much of the same work as year one but less, with a focus on more responsibility, decision-making opportunities, and interaction/work with farm equipment. The apprentice meets with farm management at the beginning of season two to establish a work and responsibility plan based on the apprentice’s future agricultural career expectations and goals, and the farm’s needs.

Days/Hours Intern is Needed: 

This is a seasonal, full-time or part-time position starting in spring (no later than May), continuing through the fall.

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Application Deadline: 

To apply for this internship, please contact the Office of Experiential Learning at 716.338.1381 or use this contact form.