Two JCC Biotechnology students work in a labAbout The Science Undergraduate Research Initiative: Biotech (SURI) at JCC
Research experience is vital for students. SURI: Biotech is designed to give students an authentic lab experience by letting them perform research on a variety of topics, from the epidemiology of heartworm and Lyme disease, to cancer and immunology. Through SURI: Biotech, students learn the practical skills every scientist needs to know, like how to fine-tune their scientific writing and develop presentation skills. They learn how to use academic databases like PubMed and GenBank to read scientific literature and gain a better grasp of bioinformatics, genomics, and proteomics. But most importantly, they begin to think of themselves as scientists. And the SURI: Biotech program is recognized by some of the finest universities in the area. University at Buffalo, St. Bonaventure University, and Rochester Institute of Technology all count SURI: Biotech as an equivalent research course. And the program isn't just for JCC students. It's open to students from all colleges. Find out more about the biotech program at JCC.