Student Protection
As part of this grant, we are taking various steps to ensure that all participant information is protected. This includes the establishement of and Institutional Review Board (IRB). The purpose of an IRB is to review and monitor biomedical or behavioral research performed with humans to insure it is performed ethically. In this context, it provides protection for participant information for grant-related activities. IRB approval is required for all National Science Foundation proposals, and ours received approval from the SUNY Fredonia Internal Review Board.

  • Teachers, students, and their parents will have to consent to participate in the grant before we can administer surveys or use responses and other data for the grant. All information will be gathered anonymously. Please see the IRB consent forms below.
  • Anyone can decline to allow their information to be used for the grant and it would not affect their ability to enroll in the course in any way. This is an IRB required guideline. However, if we don’t have enough data to justify subsequent years we will not be able to keep the grant.
  • Consent must be sought at the beginning of each BAMA class and any grant related activities. These forms must be sent back to us and kept on file.

IRB Informed Consent Forms

In order to measure the effectiveness of the HURI SURI program, we will use the Critical Thinking Aptitude Test (CAT). More information on how the CAT will be used to evaluate student progress can be found here

Students and teachers that participate in this grant will be asked to complete surveys regarding the activities. These will be distributed by the evaluators (Dr. Linda Rehfuss and Dr. John Flynn) and will be available online. To see and example survey done for another grant please refer to